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Use Of The Refrigerator - Whirlpool ART 316 Manual


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The use of adaptors, sockets and extension
leads is not recommended. If their utilization is
indispensable, use only single adaptors or
extension leads in conformity with current safety
standards, making certain not to exceed the
maximum current indicated on a single adaptor
or an extension lead, and the maximum rated
power indicated on a multiple adaptor.
When the appliance is connected, the interior
light switches on when the door is opened, as
long as the thermostat knob is not positioned at
symbol. After adjusting the temperature, as
indicated in the next heading, the refrigerator is
ready for use.
Adjusting the temperature
The thermostat (see figure) allows a gradual
adjustment of the temperature. The
indicates deactivation of the appliance and
interior light off. For food to keep in the best
condition possible, the knob should be set to
position 4. For colder temperatures rotate the
thermostat knob toward a higher number. Or, if
the temperature is too cold, rotate the knob
toward the lower numbers: position 1. Note that
the thermostat settings are affected by room
temperature, quantity of food in storage,
position, and frequency of opening the door: with
experience you will find the setting that best suits
your requirements.
Use of the refrigerator compartment
In the compartment the temperature varies from
zone to zone. The coldest zones are those close
to the rear wall immediately above the crisper
drawers. To maintain the aroma, substance and
freshness of all foods, we suggest wrapping
them in sheets of aluminium or polythene, or
putting them in the special containers with lid.
This avoids the mingling of smells and aromas.
The space in the refrigerator can be organised in
various ways by moving the grilles as
appropriate. General advice on the positioning of
Cooked foods, hard cheeses: use the upper
Meat, fish, cold meats, etc.: on the shelf of the
crisper drawer.
Fruit and vegetables: use the drawer provided.
Drinks: use the shelf in the door panel.


Eggs, cheeses, dairy products: use the
compartments in the door panel.
Butter: use the special compartment in the door
Canned products: once the can has been
opened, remove any residual contents and
preserve in another non-metal container.
Important: do not place foods or containers in
direct contact with the rear part of the refrigerator
compartment. Ensure free circulation of air
between and around the various items. Do not
cover the grilles with paper or other materials.
Put cooked foods inside only when cool.
Frozen foods can be stored in the
compartments for the period indicated
on the package.


Table of Contents

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