Instructions For The User; General Information; Switches And Indicators; Operation And Use - Electrolux EUT 11004W Instruction Book

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General information

The official designation of the appliance is
„refrigerator-freezer combination with one
motor compressor and freezer placed in
the upper part". The appliance has -
besides the general services - a freezer
with its own door and is completely
separated from the other unit.
According to this the appliance is suitable
for storing frozen and deep-frozen food,
freezing products in quantity given in the
user's instructions at home and making ice.
The appliance can meet the requirements
of standards between different temperature
limits according to the climate class.
The letter symbol for climate class can be
found on the data label.

Switches and indicators

On/off indicator
B) Thermostat and on/off switch
C) Quick freeze indicator
D) Acoustic signal stop and quick
freeze switch
Alarm indicator

Operation and use


Insert the plug into the socket. In order to
switch on the product, turn the thermostat
(B) to a temperature lower than << -16°C
>>. The green indicator will light up and the
red indicator will blink. The lighting up of the
on/off indicator (A) means that the product
is switched on. The blinking of the red
indicator means an improper temperature in
the freezing compartment. In addition, an
intermittent sound can be heard, which can

Instructions for the User

be stopped by pressing button (D) once.
You can switch off the freezer by turning the
thermostat (B) in position <<

Adjusting the temperature

The internal temperature of the freezer is
temperature positions and a switch-off << "
>> setting.
Position << -16°C >> indicates the highest
(least cold) temperature, while position << -
24°C >> is for the lowest (coldest)
temperature. Rotate the thermostat in the
desired position.
In general, it is best to set the thermostat to
<< -18°C >> but, for the purpose of
temperature setting, you should also
the temperature of the room where the
product is installed,
the frequency of door openings,
the volume of food to be stored in the
the location of the product.
Therefore, you should consider all these
factors and you may have to do some
testing for finding the best temperature. If
you want a lower temperature, turn the
thermostat into a position of higher number
or, vice versa, if you need a higher
temperature, you should set a position of
lower number. Please allow 24 hours for
the freezer temperature to stabilize
between two adjustments.
Alarm (red) indicator
The temperature alarm indicator (E) will light
up when the internal temperature of the
freezer increases to a level (above -12°C)
where the long-term conservation of the
foods in not ensured. Please note that, when
switching on the freezer for the first time, the
alarm indicator will blink until the internal
temperature has reached a level required for
the safe conservation of frozen food.
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Table of Contents

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