Sony BDP-SX910 Operating Instructions Manual

Portable blu-ray disc / dvd player.
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Portable Blu-ray
Discâ„¢ / DVD Player
Operating Instructions
Settings and Adjustments
Additional Information

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  • Page 1

    Portable Blu-ray Disc™ / DVD Player Operating Instructions BDP-SX910/SX90 4-411-688-11(1) Preparations Playback Settings and Adjustments Additional Information...

  • Page 2: Warning

    The model and serial numbers are located at the bottom of the unit. Record the serial number in the space provided below. Refer to them whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. Model No.______________ Serial No.______________ If this product is not working properly, please call...

  • Page 3: Precautions

    Do not take apart or remodel the player. Doing so can result in electric shock. Consult your nearest Sony dealer or Sony Service Center for exchange of rechargeable batteries, internal checks or repair. Precautions Road safety...

  • Page 4

    On placement • Do not place the player in a confined space such as a bookshelf or similar unit. • Do not cover the ventilation of the player with newspapers, tablecloths, curtains, etc. And do not place the player on a soft surface, such as a rug.

  • Page 5

    On cleaning • Clean the cabinet, panel, and controls with a soft cloth slightly moistened with a mild detergent solution. Do not use any type of abrasive pad, scouring powder or solvent such as alcohol or benzine. • Wipe the LCD surface with the soft dry cloth lightly.

  • Page 6

    Blu-ray Disc Association. • “DVD Logo” is a trademark of DVD Format/ Logo Licensing Corporation. • “BRAVIA” is a trademark of Sony Corporation. • “PhotoTV HD” and the “PhotoTV HD” logo are trademarks of Sony Corporation.

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents WARNING ..........2 Precautions .

  • Page 8: Guide To Parts And Controls

    Guide to Parts and Controls The available functions of the player and remote differ depending on the disc or the situation. Player The VOLUME + and N (play) buttons have a tactile dot. Use the tactile dot as a reference when operating the player.

  • Page 9

    RETURN Returns to the previous display. </M/m/, Moves the highlight to select a displayed item. ENTER (center button) Enters the selected item. F HOLD To avoid accidental button operation of the player, press the button for more than two seconds. All the buttons on the player are locked, while the buttons on the remote remain operable.

  • Page 10

    SUBTITLE (page 19) Selects the subtitle language when multi-lingual subtitles are recorded on BD-ROMs/DVD VIDEOs. T Color buttons (YELLOW/BLUE/ RED/GREEN) Shortcut keys for interactive functions. U TOP MENU Opens or closes the BD’s or DVD’s Top Menu. V m/M (fast reverse/fast forward) •...

  • Page 11: Rotating And Folding Down The Lcd Panel

    Rotating and Folding Down the LCD Panel Open the LCD panel to the vertical position, then slowly rotate it 180 degrees. After rotating the LCD panel 180 degrees clockwise, push the LCD panel down onto the main body of the player. In this position the panel is facing up.

  • Page 12: Checking The Supplied Accessories, Charging The Rechargeable Battery

    Preparations Checking the Supplied Accessories Check that you have the following items: • AC adaptor (1) • Car battery adaptor (1) • Remote commander (remote) (1) • Size AA (R6) batteries (2) To prepare the remote Insert two Size AA (R6) batteries by matching the 3 and # ends on the batteries to the markings inside the battery compartment.

  • Page 13: Using The Car Battery Adaptor, Connecting To A Tv

    To check the battery level When the player is stopped, the battery indicator is displayed. When the battery is empty, is displayed or the CHARGE indicator flashes. Full Using the Car Battery Adaptor The car battery adaptor is for a 12V car battery, negative earth (do not use it with a 24V car battery, positive earth).

  • Page 14: Playing A Disc

    Playback Playing a Disc For playable discs, see “Playable discs” (page 24). Open the LCD panel, and turn on the player. Press OPEN to open the disc lid, and place the disc. Place with the playback side down and push gently until it clicks. Do not touch the lens surface.

  • Page 15: Playing From A Usb Device, Available Options

    B Title number or name C The currently selected audio setting D Available functions ( audio, subtitle, status) E Displays the Play mode, Playing status bar, Disc type, Video codec, Bitrate, Repeat type, Elapsed time, and Total playing time. F Chapter number Playing from a USB Device You can play video/music/photo files on...

  • Page 16

    Item Details Title Search Searches for a title on BD- ROMs/DVD VIDEOs and starts playback from the beginning. Chapter Searches for a chapter and Search starts playback from the beginning. Angle Switches to other viewing angles when multi-angles are recorded on BD- ROMs/DVD VIDEOs.

  • Page 17: Using The Settings Displays, Screen Settings

    Settings and Adjustments Using the Settings Displays Select (Setup) on the home menu when you need to change the settings of the player. The default settings are underlined. Select (Setup) on the home menu using </,. Select the setup category icon using M/m, and press ENTER.

  • Page 18: Audio Settings

    HDMI/LCD Video Format Normally select “Auto.” Select “Original Resolution” to output the resolution recorded on the disc. When the resolution is lower than the SD resolution, it is scaled up to the SD resolution. If no picture appears on the connected TV after setting the resolution, try another resolution setting.

  • Page 19: Bd/dvd Viewing Settings

    Downmix Surround: Outputs audio signals with surround effects. Select this when connecting an audio device that supports Dolby Surround (Pro Logic) or DTS Neo:6 Stereo: Outputs audio signals without surround effects. Select this when connecting an audio device that does not support Dolby Surround (Pro Logic) or DTS Neo:6.

  • Page 20: System Settings, Resetting

    BD Parental Control Playback of some BD-ROMs can be limited according to the age of the users. Scenes may be blocked or replaced with different scenes. Follow the on-screen instructions and enter your four-digit password. DVD Parental Control Playback of some DVD VIDEOs can be limited according to the age of the users.

  • Page 21: Troubleshooting

    Before charging, turn off the player. b If you have not used the player for more than a year, the battery may have deteriorated. Consult your nearest Sony dealer. Picture There is no picture. b No picture appears on the LCD screen when 24p video signals are output from the HDMI OUT jack.

  • Page 22: Usb Device

    b The region code on the BD or DVD does not match the player (page 24). Operations Playback does not start from the beginning of content. b Press OPTIONS, and select “Play from beginning.” Playback does not start from the resume point where you last stopped playing.

  • Page 23: Specifications

    The display language on the screen switches automatically when connected to the HDMI OUT jack. b When “Control for HDMI” is set to “On” (page 20), the display language on the screen automatically switches according to the language setting of the connected TV (if you change the setting on your TV, etc.).

  • Page 24: Playable Discs

    Supplied accessories See page 12. Specifications and design are subject to change without notice. Playable discs Blu-ray BD-ROM *1*2 Disc BD-R DVD-ROM DVD-R DVD+R CD-DA (Music CD) CD-ROM CD-R/CD-RW Since the Blu-ray Disc specifications are new and evolving, some discs may not be playable depending on the disc type and the version.

  • Page 25: Playable Types Of Files, Language Code List

    Playable types of files Video File format Extensions MPEG-1 Video/PS “.mpg,” “.mpeg,” MPEG-2 Video/PS, “.m2ts,” “.mts” MPEG-4 AVC “.mkv,” “.mp4,” “.m4v,” “.m2ts,” “.mts” WMV9 “.wmv,” “.asf” AVCHD Music File format Extensions MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio “.mp3” Layer III) *1*4 AAC/HE-AAC “.m4a” *1*4 WMA9 Standard “.wma”...

  • Page 26

    Code Language 1171 Faroese 1174 French 1181 Frisian 1183 Irish 1186 Scots Gaelic 1194 Galician 1196 Guarani 1203 Gujarati 1209 Hausa 1217 Hindi 1226 Croatian 1229 Hungarian 1233 Armenian 1235 Interlingua 1239 Interlingue 1245 Inupiak 1248 Indonesian 1253 Icelandic 1254 Italian 1257 Hebrew 1261 Japanese 1269 Yiddish...

  • Page 27: Parental Control Settings, Index

    Index Words in quotations appear in the on-screen displays. AUDIO 9 “Audio Settings” 18 “Auto Standby” 20 Batteries 12 “BD/DVD Viewing Settings” 19 BD-R 24 BD-RE 24 Bitstream 21 Blu-ray Disc 24 BONUSVIEW 14 BRAVIA Sync 23 CD 24 Charging time and playing time 12 Color buttons 10 Connecting to a TV 13...

  • Page 28

    The software of this player may be updated in the future. For information about any available updates and the latest Operating Instructions, please visit the following website: © 2012 Sony Corporation Printed in China 4-411-688-11(1)

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