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This errata sheet covers changes to the Body Area Maintenance section of the Y690VB Series Vacuum Breakers
Instruction Manual, form 5465. Replace the entire Body Area Maintenance, Diaphragm and Spring Case Area
Maintenance, and To Covert Constructions sections beginning on page 4 with the following:
• Replace the Body Area Maintenance section on page 4 with the following:
Body Area
This procedure is for gaining access to the disk
assembly, orifice, and body seal O-ring. All pressure
must be released from the regulator, before the
following steps can be performed. Key numbers are
referenced in figures 3 and 4.
1. To inspect and replace the orifice (key 5) or disk
assembly (key 13), remove the cap screws (key 2) and
separate the diaphragm case assembly (key 4) from
the body (key 1).
2. Remove and inspect the body seal O-ring (key 11)
and the backup ring (key 50). Replace if damaged.
3. Inspect and replace the orifice (key 5) if
necessary. Lightly lubricate the threads of the
replacement orifice. Install with 29 to 37 foot pounds
(39 to 50 N•m) of torque.
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Errata Sheet
Y690VB Series Vacuum Breakers
Form 5465, Feburary 1999
4. To replace the disk holder assembly (key 13),
remove the cotter pin (key 15) if necessary. To inspect
the throat seal (key 31, figure 4) on a Type Y690VBM,
remove the machine screw (key 33). Replace the seal
if necessary. To install, place the seal on the machine
screw and thread into guide insert (key 18).
5. Install the disk holder assembly (key 13) and
secure to the stem (key 14) with the cotter pin (key 15).
6. Install the backup ring (key 50) into the body
(key 1). Next place the body seal O-ring (key 11) into
the body. See figure 5.
7. Replace the diaphragm casing (key 4) on the body
(key 1) and secure with the cap screws (key 2) using 7
to 9 foot pounds (9,5 to 12 N•m) of torque.
Y690VB Series
April 1999



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