Emerson Y690VB Series Instruction Manual

Vacuum breakers
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Instruction Manual
Form 5465
February 1999
Y690VB Series Vacuum Breakers
Figure 1. Type Y690VB Vacuum Breaker
Scope of Manual
This manual describes and provides instructions and
parts lists for the Type Y690VB and the Type Y690VBM
vacuum breakers. Instructions and parts lists for other
equipment used with these breakers are found in
separate manuals.
Product Description
The Y690VB Series vacuum breakers are used for
precise control of small capacity, low-pressure service
applications where an increase in vacuum must be
limited. These direct-operated vacuum breakers come
in 3/4 (DN 20) and 1-inch (DN 25) body sizes and have
a 1/4-inch (6,4 mm) or 1/2-inch (12,7 mm) orifice. The
individual products are described as follows:
Type Y690VB
The Type Y690VB is a vacuum breaker with internal
pressure registration requiring no downstream
control line.
Type Y690VBM
The Type Y690VBM is a vacuum breaker with a control
line connection and a throat seal for external pressure
Table 1 gives some general ratings and specifications
for the Y690VB Series vacuum breakers. Individual
breakers come from the factory with the specific data
stamped on the nameplate.
Personal injury, property damage, equip-
ment damage, or leakage due to escaping
gas or bursting of pressure-containing
parts may result if this equipment is over-
pressured or is installed where service
conditions could exceed the limits given in
table 1, or where conditions exceed any
ratings of the adjacent piping or piping
connections. To avoid such injury or
damage, provide pressure-relieving or
pressure-limiting devices (as required by
the appropriate code, regulation, or stan-
dard) to prevent service conditions from
exceeding those limits. Additionally,
physical damage to this equipment could
cause personal injury or property damage
due to escaping gas. To avoid such injury
or damage, install the equipment in a safe
and well ventilated location.
Equipment operation within ratings does not preclude
the possibility of damage from debris in the lines or
from external sources. This equipment should be
inspected for damage periodically and after any over-
pressure condition.
Y690VB Series
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  Summary of Contents for Emerson Y690VB Series

  • Page 1 (as required by Product Description the appropriate code, regulation, or stan- dard) to prevent service conditions from The Y690VB Series vacuum breakers are used for exceeding those limits. Additionally, precise control of small capacity, low-pressure service physical damage to this equipment could...
  • Page 2 Y690VB Series Table 1. Specifications Body Sizes Orifice Size 1/4-inch (6,4 mm) or 1/2-inch (12,7 mm) 3/4 (DN20) or 1-inch (DN 25) Change in Vacuum Control Pressure to Wide-Open End Connection Styles See table 2 See table 3 Pressure Registration...
  • Page 3: Principle Of Operation

    Also ensure that all tubing and Startup and Adjustment piping have been blown free. All Y690VB Series equipment can be placed in opera- tion by slowly introducing inlet vacuum or pressure. This 2. This equipment may be installed in any position as equipment takes control when vacuum is established.
  • Page 4 Y690VB Series O-ring. All pressure must be released from the dia- WARNING ! ! ! ! ! phragm case before these steps can be performed. To avoid personal injury, property damage, Type Y690VB or equipment damage caused by sudden Key numbers are referenced in figure 4.
  • Page 5: Parts Ordering

    Y690VB Series enough control spring (key 6) force to provide proper 9. Install the pusher post (key 8) plus attached dia- phragm parts onto the lever assembly (key 16). slack to the diaphragm (key 10) and attached parts. Using a crisscross pattern, finish tightening the spring 10.
  • Page 6: Parts List

    Y690VB Series Table 3. Body Materials and Part Numbers (Key 1) e l i h t i a l f Parts List Key Description Part Number Key Description Part Number Lever Assembly Spare Parts Kit (Stainless steel/Nitrile Construction) Stainless steel...
  • Page 7 Y690VB Series B2674_2 B2674_1 Figure 3. Type Y690VB Assembly...
  • Page 8 Y690VB Series B2675 Figure 4. Type Y690VBM Assembly...
  • Page 9 Y690VB Series Vacuum Breakers Form 5465, Feburary 1999 This errata sheet covers changes to the Body Area Maintenance section of the Y690VB Series Vacuum Breakers Instruction Manual, form 5465. Replace the entire Body Area Maintenance, Diaphragm and Spring Case Area Maintenance, and To Covert Constructions sections beginning on page 4 with the following: •...
  • Page 10 Y690VB Series • Replace the Diaphragm and Spring Case Area Maintenance section beginning on page 4 with the following: Diaphragm and Spring Case Area slips off the lever assembly (key 16). To separate the diaphragm assembly (key 10) from the attached parts,...
  • Page 11 Y690VB Series • Replace the To Convert Constructions section on page 5 with the following: To Convert Constructions The Type Y690VB to the Type Y690VBM: The Type Y690VBM to the Type Y690VB: New parts required: keys 30, 31, and 33 New parts required: key 27 1.
  • Page 12 Y690VB Series Fisher is a mark owned by Fisher Controls International, Inc., a business of Emerson Process Management. The Emerson logo is a trademark and service mark of Emerson Electric Co. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.