Tool Adjustment; Care & Cleaning; K-Beater & Whisk; Recipe - Kenwood Chef Titanium Instructions Manual

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Available languages

Tool Adjustment

K-beater & Whisk
The tools are set to the correct height for
the bowl supplied in the factory and should
not require adjustment.
However, if you wish to adjust the tool use
a suitable sized spanner:
TYPE: KVC70 = 15mm
TYPE: KVL80 = 19mm
Then follow the instructions below:
1 Unplug the appliance.
2 Raise the mixer head and insert the
whisk or beater.
3 Lower the mixer head. If the clearance
needs to be adjusted, raise the mixer
head and remove the tool. Ideally the
whisk and K-beater should be almost
touching the bottom of the bowl
4 Using a suitable spanner loosen the nut
sufficiently to allow adjustment of the
. To lower the tool closer to the
bottom of the bowl, turn the shaft anti-
clockwise. To raise the tool away from
the bottom of the bowl turn the shaft
5 Re-tighten the nut.
6 Fit the tool to the mixer and lower the
mixer head. (Check its position see
points above).
7 Repeat the above steps as necessary
until the tool is set correctly. Once this is
acheived tighten the nut securely.
• Note: Spanner
illustration purpose only.
Dough Tool
This tool is set at the factory and should
require no adjustment.
shown is for
Care & Cleaning
• Always switch off and unplug before
• A little grease may appear at the slow
speed outlet
This is normal – just wipe it off.
Power Unit And Outlet Covers
• Wipe with a damp cloth, then dry.
• Never use abrasives or immerse in water.
• Store excess cord into the cord storage
• Wash by hand, then dry thoroughly or
wash in the dishwasher.
• Never use a wire brush, steel wool or
bleach to clean your stainless steel bowl.
Use vinegar to remove limescale.
• Keep away from heat (cooker tops,
ovens, microwaves).
Tools & Splashguard
• Wash by hand, then dry thoroughly or
wash in the dishwasher.


Prune Marinade
275g Clear Runny Honey
30g Soft Prunes
50ml Water
1 Place all ingredients into the mini
chopper/mill. Refrigerate overnight.
2 Fit the attachment to the Stand mixer.
3 Switch to pulse for 4 seconds.
4 Use as required.
when you first use it.
at the back of the

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