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Warming Drawer Or Premium Storage Drawer (On Some Models); Storage Drawer (On Some Models); Oven Door - Whirlpool Affresh MGR8800F Owner's Manual

Freestanding gas range
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Warming Drawer or Premium

Storage Drawer (on some models)

Remove all items from inside the baking drawer, warming drawer
or premium storage drawer, and then allow the range to cool
completely before attempting to remove the drawer.
To Remove:
1. Open the drawer to its fully open position.
2. Using a flat-blade screwdriver, gently loosen the drawer from
the glide alignment notch, and then lift up the drawer
alignment tab from the glide.
A. Flat-blade screwdriver
B. Drawer alignment tab
C. Drawer glide notch
3. Repeat Step 2 on the other side. The drawer is no longer
attached to the drawer glides. Using both hands, pick up the
drawer to complete the removal.
To Replace:
1. Align the forward drawer notches with the notches in the
drawer glides on both sides. Place the rear alignment tabs into
the drawer glides on both sides.
A. Drawer alignment tab
B. Drawer glide notch
2. Push the warming drawer or premium storage drawer in all the
3. Gently open and close the warming drawer or premium
storage drawer to ensure it is seated properly on the glides on
both sides.
Storage Drawer (on some models)
The storage drawer can be removed. Before removing, make sure
drawer is cool and empty.
To Remove:
1. Pull the storage drawer straight back to the drawer stop.
A. Drawer stop notch
2. Lift up the front of the drawer and pull the drawer out.
To Replace:
1. Lift up the front of the drawer and place the rear of the drawer
inside the range so that the drawer stop notch is behind the
drawer glide.
2. Lower the drawer so that the edge of the slide rail drops into
the slot in the drawer glide.
3. Slowly push the drawer into the range.
A. Engage drawer glide
NOTE: When properly installed, the rear slides on the bottom of
the drawer will engage the base rails and the drawer will not tip
when items are placed in the drawer.

Oven Door

For normal range use, it is not suggested to remove the oven
door. However, if removal is necessary, make sure the oven is
OFF and cool. Then, follow these instructions. The oven door is
To Remove:
1. Open oven door all the way.
2. Pinch the hinge latch between two fingers and pull forward.
Repeat on other side of oven door.
A. Hinge Latch



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