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Zanussi ZF-1214DC Instruction Manual page 2

12” metal desk fan


1. Front grille
2. Blade locking cap
3. Blade
4. Guard knob
5. Rear grille
6. Motor shaft
7. Motor housing
● Carefully unpack the appliance and remove all the packaging materials
attached to your Fan. Pick out the Motor housing (7), remove the Pole
fixing nut (13) out of the Supporting pole (11). Align and insert the
Supporting pole (11) into the hole of the Base (12), fasten it with the Pole
fixing nut (13).
8. Oscillating knob
9. Rotary switch
10. Power cord & plug
11. Supporting pole
12. Base
13. Pole fixing nut
14. Safety screw
● Remove the Blade locking cap (2) and Guard knob (4) from the Motor
shaft (6). Assemble the Rear grille (5) onto the Motor housing (7) to
match with the three fixing pins and make sure the carrying handle at
the top. Fixing it by the Guard knob(4).
● Assemble the Blade (3) on the Motor shaft (6) and secure it with Blade
locking cap (2).
● Put the Front grille (1) onto the Rear grille (5), settle it by the guard
fixing clip then fasten it with the Safety screw (14).
Unwind the power cable and Position the unit on a level, dry and flat
surface where the air outlet grilles cannot be obstructed. Position the
appliance at least 30 cm away from walls or obstacles.
Connect and ensure that the plug and the socket fit well.
Select the desired speed setting by rotating the Rotary switch. There are
3 speeds : 0 (Off), 1 (Low Speed), 2 (Medium Speed), 3 (High Speed)
Push the Oscillating knob (8) for oscillation and pull the Oscillating knob
(8) for fixed position.
The airflow can be adjusted upward or downward by simply moving the
Motor housing (7) up or down.
Warning : Never touch the Blade with your hand or any other objects
when the Fan is operating.



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