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Prior to starting the installation, familiarize yourself with the relevant local rules and
regulations. When choosing the most suitable location for the greenhouse, make sure
that the ground is stable and straight and that no exposed location is chosen where
the greenhouse is completely free! A certain degree of protection against storms and
gusts of wind must be guaranteed. Freestanding will otherwise cause damage. base.
Set up the building only when the weather is fine and dry. Do not install if there are
strong winds!
If possible, set up the greenhouse together with 3 or more people. Otherwise, there
could be material damage or even injuries.
•Choose a location that has enough space around the greenhouse for working.
•Carefully follow the steps in the instructions to ensure correct installation.
•Before starting the installation, make sure that all parts are present.
•Make sure the foundation frame is flat on the floor.
•The foundation must be level. If the floor is uneven, level it.
• Always wear safety gloves, long sleeves and eye protection during installation.
Some parts may have sharp edges and may cause injury!
• Do not attempt to assemble it in windy weather conditions as there is a risk
that panels may be damaged or people injured.
•Prepare a first layer of stones or gravel for a reinforced concrete foundation. The
foundation should be at least 10 cm thick. Allow the concrete to dry for at least 48
•The foundations can also be made of bricks, stone blocks or concrete pedestals.
•The garden shed is not intended to be built directly on the lawn.
•Your shed must be firmly anchored to the foundation to prevent damage from
strong winds. No anchors are included in the equipment supplied!
•Do not enter into the roof! DANGER OF COLLAPSE!
When using a foundation, that is not poured from concrete, you have to definitely
observe, that the ground is firm and event. The product hast o be connected to a
foundation! Only when it's aligned accurately, the greenhouse can be placed in a
durable and stable way. Even slightly leaning wallswon't fit properly in the guides
provided fort hem and can be easily unhinged by the wind.
It is necessary to anchor the greenhouse to the ground. The big greenhouse has a large
contact surface for wind, which can lead to significant injuries and/or damages.


Give yourself plenty of time fort he installation process and once started, do not let
yourself be interrupted. An incompletely assembled greenhouse could suffer (fatal)
damage caused by the weather. There is a danger of injuries and damage to the
property due to not properly assembled parts.
If you do not use the greenhouse, store it in a dry and frost-free place. The Plexiglas
discs should not be pressed or bent.
Keep all parts away from fire and flying sparks.
Remember the exits! They are also the emergency Escape routes! If a fire should occur,
contrary to All expecatations, the nearest exit could eventually. also be behind you!
Never put weight on the multi-skin sheets. Do not step on them and do not bend them.
They will suffer damage or even break completely. Look for the UV protection sign.
Do never step onto the roof surfaces of a fully mounted greenhouse! You could fall/the
house could collapse and you could suffer injuries! Do never make a fire inside oft he
greenhouse! Always keep it away from open fire and flying sparks!
Do not positiom the product on an escape route Or within a well signposted fire
service assembly area!
Do not use this product in case of missing parts or worn parts.
Always close the door of greenhouse when Entering or exiting. With an open door,
wind, animals or other unwanted visitors can easily damage your greenhouse or
the plants therein. Absolutely make sure to not lock people and/or animals in the
•Don't underestimate the possible forces from the wind acting on the side and
front surfaces greenhouse.

Before assembly

A suitable foundation should be prepared before the mounting oft he greenhouse.
Such foundations (formwork) can be purchased in out online shop.
•Make sure that the day you select for installation is dry and free of wind.
•Remove the parts from the box and sort them by number. Make sure that all
necessary parts are available for assembly.
•Familiarize yourself on how to use all the tools.
•Keep children and pets away from the assembly site.
•When using a ladder, make sure it is stable. Never place a heavy load on any part of
the roof or shed.
•Remove the protective foils before mounting.
•Avoid overhanging trees as much as possible, as falling leaves require regular cleaning
and breaking branches are a source of danger.
•Small trees, shrubs or nearby fences can help protect against the wind.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents