ADT PowerSeries SCW9045-433 User Manual: Access Code Programming; Access Codes; User Code Attributes; Zone Bypassing Attribute

Self contained wireless alarm system v1.0.
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Access Code Programming

In addition to the Master Access Code, you can program up to 16 additional User Access codes. Press
, plus your Master Access Code, the armed ( ) indicator will turn on.
Enter the 2-digit number to be programmed (i.e. 06 for user access code 6; enter 40 for the Master
Access Code) or use the
4 -digit access code. When programming is complete, enter another 2-digit code to program or press
to exit.
The access codes have programmable attributes which allow zone bypassing, duress, supervisor or
one-time use activation.
Access Codes
[ ][5][Master Code] (when disarmed)
The [ ][5] User's Programming command is used to program additional access codes.
User Codes - User Codes 1-16 are available for the System.
Master Code (Access Code 40)
mable Attributes list below except for Duress (2) and One Time Use (8) and is required to program all
Supervisor Code attributes.
Supervisor Codes
ming section. However, these codes can only program additional codes which have equal or lesser
attributes. Once programmed, the Supervisor Codes receive the Master Code's attributes. These
attributes are changeable. Any User Code can be made a supervisor code by enabling User Code
Attribute 1 (please see below for details).
Duress Codes
- Duress codes are standard User Codes that will transmit the Duress Reporting Code
whenever the code is entered to perform any function on the system. Any User Code can be made a
Duress Code by enabling User Code Attribute 2 (please see below for details).
One Time Use Code - This code permits temporary access to the system for a 24 Hr. time
period. During the 24 Hr. period, the temporary user may disarm the system once. There is no
restriction on the number of times the temporary user may arm the system during the time
NOTE: Duress codes are not valid when entering [ ][5], [ ][6] or [ ][8] sections.
NOTE: Access codes cannot be programmed as a duplicate or as a "Code +/- 1".
User Code Attributes
1. The default attributes of a new code will be the attributes of the code used to enter
whether it is a new code or an existing code being programmed.
2. System Master (Code 40) has Attribute 3 ON by default.
NOTE: These attributes are not changeable.
Inherent Attributes (all codes except installer)
Arm / Disarm
- Any Access Code will be valid for arming and disarming the system.
Command Outputs ([ ][7][1] and [ ][7][2])
Access Code is valid for performing the [ ][7][1-2][Access Code] functions on the system.
Programmable Attributes ([ ][5][Master/Supervisor Code [9][Code])
Supervisor Code
Duress Code
Zone Bypassing Enabled
4-6 For Future Use
Bell Squawk upon Away Arming/Disarming
One Time Use Code
Zone Bypassing Attribute
This attribute allows the User to manually bypass zones if Bypassing requires an access code.
keys to find the specific code and press
- The Master Code has all of the attributes listed in the Program-
- These codes are always valid when entering the
- If these outputs require Access Code entry, any
to select. Enter the new
User Code Program-


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