Adjustment Instructions - LG 29FS2RKE Service Manual

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1. Application Object
These instructions are applied to all of the color TV, MC-049A.
2. Notes
(1) Because this is not a hot chassis, it is not necessary to use
an isolation transformer. However, the use of isolation
transformer will help protect test instrument.
(2) Adjustment must be done in the correct order.But the
adjustment can be changed by consideration of mass
(3) The adjustment must be performed in the circumstance of
25±5°C of temperature and 65±10% of relative humidity if
there is no specific designation.
(4) The input AC voltage of the receiver must keep rating
voltage in adjusting.
(5) The receiver must be operated for about 15 minutes prior
to the adjustment.
(6) Signal: Received, the standard color signal.(65dB±1dB uV)
LG standard signal means the digital pattern PAL-
3. Focus adjustment
(1) Receive the Cross-Hatch Pattern(Fig 1).
(2) Set the picture condition on "DYNAMIC(CLEAR)" mode.
(3) Adjust the Focus volume of FBT for the best focus of (A) &
<Fig 1. PAL Digital Pattern(EU05CH)>
4. Purity & Convergence adjustment
Adjustment should be operated when using the CPT(without
ITC from CPT manufacturing place)
This adjustment must be done in the order of the following


- 8 -
CPT Assembling
Assembling DY to
STC Pre-Adjustment
PURITY Adjustment
DY Fixing
SCREEN Voltage adj.
W/B Fixing
FOCUS not yet ADJ.
STC not yet ADJ.
DYC not yet ADJ.
4.1. Color purity adjustment
(1) It makes CPT or CABINET enough to demagnetization.
(2) Receive the signal of red raster.
(3) Loosen fixed screw of DY and closely to CPT funnel part.
(4) Check the center of screen that PURITY MAGNET of CPT
by crossing adjustment. At this time, 4 & 6 pole magnet is
located to magnet of nothing.
(5) Move the DY to make equal red on whole screen and it
does not to make the DY by fixed screw after check a
simple color of Red/Green/Blue and white raster whether or
not it is a pollution of color.
(At this time, take care raster of screen and DY must fixing
in the condition which maintains a horizontality.)
(6) Check the TV set by move direction.
4.2. Convergence adjustment
These adjustments can the best condition of focus after
finished purity adjustment.
(1) Receive the signal of cross hatch that BACK RASTER is
(2) Adjust brightness and luminosity till dot appear 9 ~12.
(3) Open angle of the two tab of 4 pole MAGNET by isogonic
angle and accord with vertical line of red and blue color in
the middle of screen.
(4) Maintain as angle of (3) and rotate the tab to accord with
vertical line of Red and Blue color in the middle of screen.
As preparatory operations before
assembling CPT, wind cotton Tape for
protecting to CPT NECK and DY, CPT
connection parts. At this moment, end
of tape should be over-lapped and
wound in direct route to the NECK.
Fix the Magnet to the position as
shown picture below. Be careful not to
make CPT neck shadow while
adjusting DY.
Convergence Magnet
6Pole 4
15 ~ 20mm
Let the screen Standard condition.
Operate Heat-Run at least 15
Torque is to be 9-11 kg when
fixing DY.



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