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Yamaha mLAN System User Manual

A getting started power user guide.
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mLAN System Setup
A Getting Started Power User Guide
Phil Clendeninn
Senior Product Specialist
Technology Products
©Yamaha Corporation of America


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  • Page 1

    System Setup A Getting Started Power User Guide (Windows) Phil Clendeninn Senior Product Specialist Technology Products ©Yamaha Corporation of America...

  • Page 2: Getting Started

    System: Music Local Area Network This is an example setup for education purposes and by no means is the only configuration. For this article our example mLAN system: • Motif ES with mLAN16E installed • i88X – high-quality mLAN I/O expander •...

  • Page 3

    • To start the mLAN Driver: Press START> mLAN TOOLS> mLAN Start It will take a few seconds to launch. AUTO CONNECTOR AUTO CONNECTOR is used when single connected device - in a scenario where you are using just an 01X <-> computer, We will open it here just because...

  • Page 4

    Place the cursor arrow on the icon itself - click on it and see the NODE INFORMATION dialog box for that item. Each device technically called a 'Node'. There are three main graphic views you should become familiar with: AUDIO, MIDI, and WORDCLOCK. There are icons for each one on the tool bar.

  • Page 5

    Notice also that all of this will be accomplished prior to opening the Digital Audio Workstation software sequencer. Once you understand how the Yamaha components in this particular setup are interacting it will, theoretically, make clearer how to route...

  • Page 6

    There are 18 outputs from the Computer back to the 01X. These are subdivided into 16 bus channels plus monitor channels 17&18 - which will be used for stereo monitoring. How you take advantage of the 16 bus returns to the 01X will depend on exactly what you are attempting to do.

  • Page 7

    mLAN16E MIDI IN: Port 1 < Computer 9 Internal Motif ES Port 2 < Computer 10 PLG150 Boards or external device Port 3 < Computer 11 Remote for Motif Rack Computer MIDI IN: Port 1 < 01X: DAW Remote Port 2 < 01X: MIDI A (back panel of 01X) Port 3 <...

  • Page 8

    Multi Part Editor for Motif ES: MIDI Setup • Open the “Multi-Part Editor for Motif ES 6/7/8” • On the toolbar of the Editor you will find SETUP In the MIDI Setup for the Multi-Part Editor for Motif ES 6/7/8, Remote Control parameters of the Motif ES will be shown in the screen of the 01X (when you press [SHIFT] + [REMOTE];...

  • Page 9

    8) – this allows the Motif ES’s front panel to control the Motif Rack. Port Explanation: • You may be puzzled here as to why Port 11 and Port 8 – If it were a simpler setup with just the Motif ES controlling the Motif Rack Editor –...

  • Page 10

    node. In the screen shot above the mLAN16E node is lime green and so is its output snake. It is a bus carrying 16 cables. What is a bus? If you need to get across town – you might get on the bus –...

  • Page 11

    – because that is just what you have. The mLAN system opens the possibilities to the creative user that never existed before. As you can see from this setup, not all gear has to be channel mLAN to exist in the network –...

  • Page 12

    It is bringing greater flexibility to the computer-recording environment. Sonar (PC), Cubase SL/SX (both), Nuendo (both), Digital Performer (Mac) and Logic (Mac) are the principal Digital Audio Workstation software that the mLAN system addresses directly. We are talking about 'Total Integration'...

  • Page 13

    Your understanding of the tools will dictate the way that you will work. Enjoy! Phil Clendeninn Senior Product Specialist Technology Products Pro Audio & Combo Division ©Yamaha Corporation of America...

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