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Yamaha DD-9 Owner's Manual

Yamaha digital percussion owner's manual
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Avoid Dust and Moisture Avoid locations where the DD-9 is likely to be exposed to excessive dust or moisture. Avoid Physical Shocks Do not subject the DD-9 to strong physical shocks and avoid placing heavy objects on it.
  • Page 4: The Dd-9 At A Glance

    The DD-9 At a Glance Front View STYLE LIST 00-06 DANCE 06-09 HOUSE 10-13 HIP HOP 14-16 RAP 17-19 DISCO 20-23 POP ROCK 24-26 HARD ROCK 27-28 HEAVY METAL 29-31 CONTEMPO. ROCK VOLUME POWER STYLE list VOLUME buttons POWER switch Supplied Accessories •...
  • Page 5: Setting Up

    When the batteries are low, replace with a complete set of six new batteries. Never mix old and new batteries or different types of batteries. The batteries are low when the DD-9’s voices become noticeably distorted or the DD-9 resets to default settings unexpectedly...
  • Page 6: Playing The Demo

    Playing the Demo To give you an idea of the DD-9’s sophisticated capabilities, it comes with a demonstration song. To play back the demonstration song: DEMO START/ DEMO STOP You can begin playing the DD-9’s percussion pads as soon as you turn the POWER switch on and adjust the volume to an appropriate level.
  • Page 7: Pad Assign

    Pad Assign The DD-9 contains a total of 55 high quality voices that can be assigned to each of the four percussion pads. The Custom Set pad assign- ment allows any combinations of the 55 voices. To assign a voice to a percussion...
  • Page 8: Tempo

    1st measure 1st Beat 2nd measure Tap Start The DD-9 features a Tap Start function that sets the overall tempo depending on how fast you strike the percussion pads. This is an advanced feature that is very useful for coordinating your playing tempo with the selected Auto Rhythm Style tempo.
  • Page 9: Auto Roll

    Description Effect Setting Sound Effect The DD-9 has four sound effect pads that feature 16 realistic and versatile sound effects. A set of four different sound effects, represented by the symbols printed on the DD-9’s front panel, is available for each sound effect pad.
  • Page 10: Troubleshooting

    Do not attempt to repair this digital percussion instrument as serious damage may occur. A buzz or click occurs momentarily when the DD-9 is turned ON or OFF. The LED display is completely dark. No sound comes from the speakers.