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Safety Precautions - Whirlpool WAP1038Q Manual


In order to avoid possible injury or property damage to yourself or others, it is important to pay
attention to the following precautions:
• Ignoring or misinterpreting these symbols may result in the following two situations:
"'°' :
• The contents to be complied with are classified as follows:
! his symbol indicates a prohibited
\,Y , issue.
• Do not disassemble or modify the air
(Unauthorized disassembly or modification of
the appliance may result in an accident or fire).
Please contact the designated repair station for
____ Jll�t�8JlC��i�. _______ _
• Do not pull on the power cord while
moving or storing.
(This may cause a short circuit or internal
damage to the power cord may occur and result
in a fire or electric shock.)
• Do not touch the power plug with
wet hands.
(This could result in electric shock.)
• Do not damage the power cord and
• Do not cut, modify, over-twist, pull, twist, and
tangle the power cord. Do not place heavy
objects on the power cord or squeeze the power
(Using a damaged power cord may
result in electric shock or fire.)
• To repair the power cord or plug, contact the
designated service station.
• Do not use the power supply, uni­
versal socket or connecting device
of exceeded rated values. Use only
127V AC power supply.
(Using the universal socket or connecting device
of exceeded rated value may cause overheat of
the power supply and result in a fire.)
• In order to better protect the product
and prolong service life, do not plug
the power plug in too frequently.

Safety Precautions

This symbol indicates "Serious
injury or death".
' This symbol indicates a mandatory
, issue.
• Please clean the power plug periodi­
• If there is dust on the power plug, moisture may
compromise the insulation of the plug and result
in a fire.
• Unplug the power plug and wipe it with a dry
If the appliance is not used for a long period of
time, unplug the power plug.
• Please insert the plug fully into the
power outlets.
• If the plug is not fully inserted properly, it may
cause an electric shock or even a fire.
• Do not use a damaged plug or a socket with
loose outlets.
• Children are not allowed to operate
the product directly,
(This may cause an electric shock and injury.)
• Do not use chlorine and acid deter­
(The toxic gases emitted from the detergent are
harmful to health.)
• Do not put fingers or metal objects
into the air inlet, outlet and other
(Contact with the inside of the product may
result in an electric shock or injury.)
• This product is not suitable for a phys­
ically, perceptually or mentally hand­
icapped person or a child to operate.
Unless the person is in custody of
someone and guided by someone while
operating this product.
This symbol indicates "May
cause personal injury or other
object damage".



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