Nokia 50TAUHDN Manual

Nokia 50TAUHDN Manual

Smart tv 50/55/65" uhd


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Nokia Smart TV 50/55/65'' UHD


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  • Page 1 Nokia Smart TV 50/55/65’’ UHD...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Chapter 1: Introduction Warning and Precaution ........................Important Safety Instructions ......................Positioning the TV ..........................Mounting on a Wall ..........................Precautions For Using Battery......................Standard Accessories ........................... Base Installation............................ Buttons on the TV ..........................Sockets ..............................Remote Control Functions ........................Chapter 2: General Operation Switching on ............................
  • Page 4: Warning And Precaution

    Introduction Chapter 1 Warning and Precaution Read all of the instructions before operating the television. Keep these instructions handy for later use. Important Safety Instructions ● Read these instructions – All the safety and operating instructions should be read before this television is operated. ●...
  • Page 5 Introduction Chapter 1 ● For the terminals marked with symbol of “ ” may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock. The external wiring connected to the terminals require installation by an instructed person or the used of ready-made leads or cords.
  • Page 6: Positioning The Tv

    Introduction Chapter 1 This product is RoHS Compliant Disposal of used Electrical & Electronics Equipment Packaging and electrical goods should be recycled appropriately, and not treated as household waste. Please dispose of this equipment at your applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical & electronic equipment waste. By ensuring the correct disposal of this product, you will help prevent potentially hazardous to the environment and to human health , which could otherwise caused by unsuitable waste handling of this product.
  • Page 7: Precautions For Using Battery

    Introduction Chapter 1 • To prevent injury, this apparatus must be securely attached to the floor/wall in accordance with the installation instructions. • Use the screws and wall mounts that meet the following specifications. Any damages or injuries buy misuse or using an improper accessory are not covered by the warranty. 50"...
  • Page 8: Standard Accessories

    Introduction Chapter 1 Standard Accessories Note: The pictures are only for reference. Operation Manual Batteries/2 Remote Control Mini AV IN Cable Operation Manual/1 Power Cord Wall Mounting Bracket Installation Guide Base Stands Screws/4 Wall Mounting Bracket Wall Mount Bracket/1 Base Stands/2 Wall Mount Bracket Screws/4 Installation Guide/1 Base Installation...
  • Page 9: Buttons On The Tv

    Introduction Chapter 1 Buttons on the TV Note: Picture only for reference. button Scans up/down through the channel list. In the menu system, they act like the up/down direction buttons on the remote and adjust menu controls. button Increases/decreases the volume. In the menu system, they act like the right/left direction buttons on the remote and adjust menu controls.
  • Page 10: Sockets

    Introduction Chapter 1 Sockets Note: The location and names of the sockets on the TV may vary according to TV model, and some sockets may not available for some models. RJ45 plug for connecting to external modem or network access equipment. Optical/SPDIF Socket OPTICAL/SPDIF This output can be used to connect a compatible digital audio receiver.
  • Page 11: Remote Control Functions

    Introduction Chapter 1 Remote Control Functions Most of your television's functions are available via the menus that appear on the screen. The remote control supplied with your set can be used to navigate through the menus and to configure all the general settings. Short press it to turn the TV to standby mode and press again to turn on the TV, long press it to select "Power off"...
  • Page 12: Chapter 2: General Operation

    General Operation Chapter 2 Switching on Follow the instructions on this page on how to switch on your TV set and the remote control before going on to following pages describing how to use the channel set-up procedure. 1. Insert two batteries in the remote control. Precautions on using batteries: - Only use the battery types specified.
  • Page 13: Network Connection

    General Operation Chapter 2 Network Connection To access the internet, you must subscribe high speed broadband internet service from your internet service provider. Your TV can be connected to your home network in two ways: Wired, using the RJ45 (LAN) connector on the back panel. Wireless, using the internal wireless or external wireless USB adapter and your home wireless network.
  • Page 14: Chapter 3: Homepage Operation

    Chapter 3 Homepage Operation Note: This manual is for common use. Figures and illustrations in this User Manual are provided for reference only and may differ from actual product appearance. You can select all the features from homepage. 1. Press to display homepage.
  • Page 15: Chapter 4: Using Your Tv

    Using your TV Chapter 4 Accessing Channels Using the numeric buttons : Press the corresponding Display & Sound numeric buttons on the remote control to access the Info Scan channels channels. Using the CH / buttons : Press the buttons on CH / Picture adjustments Channel organizer...
  • Page 16: Tv Settings

    Using your TV Chapter 4 TV Settings The Settings menu allows you to the TV with your preferences. Digital Setup Note: Some of the functions might be unavailable Select to customise and receive digital broadcast services. Settings in certain sources. And for some models, certain Channels options are not available.
  • Page 17: Picture & Display

    Using your TV Chapter 4 Picture & Display Sound Picture Adjustment Sound Ajustment Adjust the picture settings such as Brightness, color and hue. Adjust sound and speaker-related options. Settings Settings Picture & Display Sound Display Setting TV Placement Adjust the picture and screen settings. Adjust the aspect ratio and viewable screen area.
  • Page 18: Smart Zone

    Using your TV Chapter 4 Smart Zone System Language English Environment Shop Fast Cast Sleep Timer World clock Night mode Enjoy Music Shop Demo E-show Enjoy Music: Select this option to enter into Audio Only Settings Power mode. System Setup your TV options Fast Cast: An App that quickly delivers mobile content to Sleep Timer TV, allowing users to quickly deliver multimedia content...
  • Page 19: Audio Connect (Two Way Bluetooth) Application Guide

    Chapter 4 Using your TV Audio Connect (Two way Bluetooth) Application Guide Audio Connect is a directional application for audio In the mode, after successfully connecting with peripheral transmission. It supports the setting of two working devices such as Bluetooth audio, when the TV side plays modes.
  • Page 20 Chapter 4 Using your TV Add Device Click Add Device and you will be prompted as follows: Figure 10 Uncheck Delete Device Uncheck Delete Device, if you click the connected Figure 7 device, you can disconnect the device, At this time, turn on Bluetooth on the mobile phone as shown below:...
  • Page 21: Multimedia

    Chapter 4 Using your TV Multimedia Connect a USB device to a USB socket, the screen will show USB file name and then press OK to enter. If no USB device connected, the USB interface will be not displayed. Video Photo Music Disk...
  • Page 22: Chapter 5: Other Information

    Other Information Chapter 5 Troubleshooting Most problems you encounter with your TV can be 1. Adjust the position and orientation of the indoor/outdoor corrected by consulting the following troubleshooting list. antenna. 2. Check the connection of antenna. 3. Fine tune the channel. No picture, no sound 4.
  • Page 23: Specifications

    Other Information Chapter 5 Specifications 50TAUHDN 55TAUHDN 65TAUHDN Model: Working voltage: 100-240V~50/60Hz 100-240V~50/60Hz 100-240V~50/60Hz Rated power consumption: 150W 120W 190W Dimensions without stand 1118x679.2x86.8mm 1230.4x734.7x77.8mm 1451.1x858x78.1mm (WXHXD): Dimensions with stand 1118x740x229.2mm 1230.4x804.2x229mm 1451.1x919.4x289mm (WXHXD): 10.9kg 14.2kg 19.5kg Net weight without stand: Net weight with stand: 11.2kg...
  • Page 24: License

    Other Information Chapter 5 License Android TV, Google Play, Chromecast and Youtube are trademarks of Google LLC. "Sound by Onkyo" is a registered trademark of Onkyo Corporation. The Adopted Trademarks HDMI, HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface, and the HDMI Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc.
  • Page 25: Warranty Terms & Conditions

    Warranty Terms & Conditions: Flipkart India Private Limited ("Company") warranties the product to be free from manufacturing defects or any other specific defect as may be specified in the Specific Terms and Conditions below. The warran- ty is for a period mentioned in the Specific Terms and Conditions below, the invoice (if not specified in the Specific Terms and Conditions below), as well as the product listing page, and such period shall commence from the date of purchase of the product by the first end user.
  • Page 26 13. For any warranty claim requested by the Customer from the region beyond municipal limits of the jurisdiction of the ASC, a visit by an authorised service personnel may be arranged by the Company through its ASC, on a case to case basis, at its sole discretion and the charges towards such visit will be borne by the Customer.
  • Page 28 Nokia Smart TV ensures superior 50/55/65’’ UHD sound experience along with breath-taking colour vibrancy by adding depth to every scene. Micro Dimming Flipkart India Private Limited is a licensee of the Nokia brand in India. Nokia is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation.

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