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X10 SENTINEL VK79A Owner's Manual

Outdoor professional pan/tilt/zoom camera system
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  Summary of Contents for X10 SENTINEL VK79A

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    NTRODUCTION Congratulations! You have purchased X10’s premier video surveillance solution. The Sentinel Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera has superior image quality, a high powered zoom, and pan and tilt motion. You can operate the camera through walls using the supplied remote control. It comes with a weather resistant dome for outdoor mounting under an eve, on your patio, or deck, for example.
  • Page 3: Basic Camera Setup

    ASIC AMERA ETUP Your Sentinel Camera is ready to go out of the box! Follow these steps for a quick setup of your new camera. Unpack these items. You should have: the camera and its power supply; the camera remote; the camera mounting bracket, a weather resistant dome, and the screws to install the bracket.
  • Page 4 Basic Camera Setup Insert batteries into the remote. Remove the battery cover and put four (4) AAA batteries into the camera remote. Make sure to match the batteries to the + and – marks inside the battery case. Basic Camera Setup Connect the wireless video receiver to power.
  • Page 5 Basic Camera Setup Basic Camera Setup Connect the video receiver to your TV. Turn on the video receiver. Connect the video cable into the video-out jack on the video receiver Make sure the power switch on the video receiver is set to “ON.” and into the video-in jack on your TV.
  • Page 6 Basic Camera Setup Turn on your TV. Turn on your TV and select its video input. Use the Video or Select buttons on your TV remote control, or try channel 0 and then Channel Down. The camera’s picture should appear. Note, the picture will be upside down because the camera is intended to be mounted on a ceiling or overhang, after installing it into the dome.
  • Page 7: Basic Camera Operation

    ASIC AMERA PERATION Once you have the camera set up, you’re ready to start using it. It’s easy to get started. Here’s how you use the remote to control the camera: Select the camera Press C1 to select the camera. Move the camera Use the arrow buttons to turn the camera left...
  • Page 8: Secure Video Connection Setup

    Secure Video Connection Setup 3. Connect the video cable: Plug one end of a video cable into the camera. Run the rest of the cable to your TV. 4. Connect the other end of the cable to the video-in jack on your TV. Turn on your TV and select its video input.
  • Page 9: Clearing Positions

    Remote Control Features Clearing Stored Positions You can delete all stored positions. Here’s how: 1. Press and release C1. 2. Press and hold Setup until the C1 button lights green. 3. Press Center. 4. Press Setup again. Focus Controls In addition to the auto focus feature, you can control the focus of the camera manually.
  • Page 10: Mounting The Camera On A Ceiling

    Mounting the Camera, cont. Camera should be installed into the base of the dome after knocking out the holes, knock out 3 holes for mounting on a ceiling or 1 hole for the wall mounting bracket: Mounting the camera on a ceiling 1.
  • Page 11: Mounting The Camera On A Wall

    Mounting the Camera, cont. Mounting the camera on a wall using the bracket provided 1. Knock out the ONE hole shown here on the base of the dome using a screwdriver and hammer. 2. Put a black rubber washer on the inside of base of the dome and then insert a brass screw into the hole.
  • Page 12: Picture Orientation

    Additional Setup Options Picture Orientation Vertical Orientation: If you choose not to mount the camera upside down. Here’s how to flip the picture vertically in the camera so that the display on the TV is the right way up: 1. Press and release C1. 2.
  • Page 13: Advanced Setup Options

    Multi-Camera Systems Controlling Multiple Cameras Pressing any camera button (C1, C2, C3 or C4) turns on that camera and turns the other cameras off. When you press a camera button, all of the camera controls on the remote– moving the camera, zooming, storing positions, etc.–apply to that camera.
  • Page 14: Advanced Onscreen Menu Options

    Advanced Setup Options Recording with a VCR Whether you have set up your camera to use the wireless receiver or the secure video connection, you can configure your Sentinel Camera so that you can record its video signal on your VCR. It’s easy: 1.
  • Page 15 Advanced Onscreen Menu Options Iris Settings Iris settings control the amount of light let into the Sentinel camera. Changing these settings affect how bright your picture will be, and how the camera reacts to changes in lighting conditions. Your options are: ·...
  • Page 16: Color Settings

    Advanced Onscreen Menu Options Freeze, Automatic Gain Control & Sensitivity The settings for Automatic Gain Control (AGC) affect the brightness and picture levels of the video produced by the camera. AGC amplifies existing video to help the camera reproduce a video signal at low light levels. Sensitivity controls adjust how the camera works in low light conditions.
  • Page 17: Lens Settings

    Advanced Onscreen Menu Options Automatic Picture Control Automatic Picture Control (APC) changes the geometry of the picture produced by the camera. These changes are slight and it can be hard to notice how the picture is different. · H-GAIN: The Horizontal Gain setting adjusts the horizontal (left to right) line of the picture.
  • Page 18 Advanced Onscreen Menu Options Picture Reversal You can set the Sentinel Camera to reverse, either horizontally, vertically the picture it produces. Or you can do both. · H. REV: Reverses the picture horizontally, or from left to right. Set this to “ON”...
  • Page 19 Advanced Onscreen Menu Options Onscreen Camera Label (ID) The Sentinel Camera can display a title or label for the camera on screen. This can be useful when you have more than one camera and want to identify them easily. · Select characters from the available list to set the title you want to use. ·...
  • Page 20 Advanced Onscreen Menu Options · MARK: Selecting Mark ON puts a cross-hairs mark on the screen. Follow the step on page 27 to bring Select MARK with the Right Arrow. up the onscreen menu. Then use the Then select OFF or ON with the Up Down arrow to select past the last and Down arrows.
  • Page 21: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting If there’s no camera picture on your TV (secure connection): 1. Select the appropriate video input on your TV. Usually you can select the input mode by pressing the VIDEO or INPUT button on the remote control. Or you might have to change the TV to Channel 0 or 2, and then use Channel Down to change video inputs.
  • Page 22: Home Control

    ONTROL The X10 button on the Sentinel Camera’s remote control is your gateway to a world of useful control and automation solutions built by X10. Why enter a dark room when there is a simple and affordable solution that can keep you safe and secure? From a simple remote control that can turn on a lamp, to a full-blown automation system, X10 provides you with all the products you need.
  • Page 23 X10 Wireless Technology, Inc. Limited One Year Warranty, a division of X10 Wireless Technology, Inc. (X10) warrants X10 products to be free from defective material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the original date of purchase at retail. X10 agrees to repair or replace, at its sole discretion, a defective X10 product if returned to X10 within the warranty period and with proof of purchase.

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