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Whirlpool LA6500XP Use & Care Manual

Estate series large capacity top-load automatic washer
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Design 2000"
Trash Compaclors.
Room AH Condltloners.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Ovens. Trash Compaclors. Room AH Condltloners. &&!LZh AUTOMATIC WASHER Design 2000” $;y;,Capacity LA6500XP Oehumldlflers. Automallc Washers. Clothes SERIES Dryers. Freezers. Reffl%efator-free1...
  • Page 2: Parts And Features

    Parts and features LAUNDRY Copy your Model and Serial Numbers When youneed service question, have this information 1. Complete Model bers (from plate under the lid near the hinge]. 2. Purchase date from sales slip. Copy this information Keep this book in the Laundry tion Center with your “Laundry...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    For a Drain and Spin Fora Soak Liquid Bleach Dispenser Liquid Fabric Softener Dispenser Cleaning the Lint Filter CARING FOR YOUR WASHER Winterizing IF YOU NEED SERVICE OR ASSISTANCE.. 01985 Whirlpool Corporation care- water freezing. or anyone Page . . .
  • Page 4: Starting Your Washer

    Starting your washer Before starting your washer: Select a 1. LOAD SIZE Turn the knob to point at a setting that describes the size of load you want to wash. Set the knob anywhere tween EX SMALL (a few items] and LARGE (a full load).
  • Page 5 3. Start the washer Push in the Control Knob and turn it to the right, It must be pushed in and turned only clockwise. Start the washer by pulling the Control Knob. The washer will fill to the level you set with wash water of the selected temperature.
  • Page 6: What Happens In Each Cycle

    What happens in each cycle* Each cycle has different kinds of fabrics. Numbers agitation time. When the Cycle Control fills before agitation and timing starts. After agitation wise until it points to OFF and the cycle REGULAR HEAVY REGULAR Cycle PERMANENT PRESS Cycle agitation...
  • Page 7 NOTE: You may hear the sound of water spraying some cycles. In some cycks. with the rinsing. DRAIN Agitation DRAIN SPIN Agikon NOTE: Always permanent during cold water is sprayed on the spinning FILL RINSE High iii[ Speed use cold rinse water press fabrics.
  • Page 8 KNITS/GENTLE SOAK Cycle Cycle A cycle for lightly soiled items that need a short wash and spin time. Wash nylon hose in a net laundry bag. Brief periods of agitation and soak time help remove heavy soils and certain stains that need extra pretreatment.
  • Page 9 SOAK WASH 1 1 SOAK -1 1 WASti Minutes Agitation Special care See your “Laundry DO NOT OVERLOAD WASHER Overloadlng or packing cause poor cleaning; Increase wrlnkllng; 0 cause excessive wear out or tear Items. Minutes High Speed is needed when soaking Guide”...
  • Page 10: Other Operating

    Other operating For a rinse and spin You may need an extra rinse and spin for heavily soiled loads which need more detergent. [Extra de- tergent can require an extra rinse.) Push Control Knob in. Turn clockwise to any See above drawing.
  • Page 11: Liquid Bleach Dispenser

    Liquid bleach dispenser Always measure bleach. guess. Never use more than 1 cup (250 ml) for a full load. Use less with lower water level settings. Follow directions on bottle for safe use. Use a cup with a pouring spout to avoid spilling.
  • Page 12: Caring For Your Washer

    Caring for your washer WHEN NOT WASHING, keep water faucets turned off. This takes the pressure off the water and hoses. REMOVE SHARP OBJECTS such as pins, buckles, etc., from clothes washing. Close metal zippers. both AFTER WASHING, use a soft dry cloth to wipe the outside inlet valve Leave the lid up until the basket...
  • Page 13: Winterizing

    Winterizing Because some water stays in the washer, freez- ing can cause a lot of damage. stored or moved during the cold weather.. 1. Shut off both water faucets. Discon- nect and drain water inlet hoses. If your washer 2. Put a quart 3.
  • Page 14 If you need service or assistance, we suggest you follow these four steps: 1. Before calling for assistance.. Performance problems sult from little things you can find and fix yourself without tools of any kind. IF YOUR WASHER DOES NOT FILL: Is the power supply cord...
  • Page 15: If You Need Service Or

    2. If you need assistance*. . . Call Whirlpool COOL-LINE” ice assistance telephone Dial free from: Continental U.S. . (800) 2534301 Michigan ..(800) 632-2243 Alaska 6 Hawaii (800) 2534121 and talk with one of our trained sultants.
  • Page 16: 01985 Whirlpool Corporation

    Home L Appliances Making your world a llttle easier Part No. 387410 Printed in U.S.A. 01985 Whirlpool Corporation mallc Washers. Clothes Dryers. Freezers. Relrtgerator-Freezers. Ice Makers. Dishwashers. Bu~ll-In Ovens and Surface Units. Ranges.

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