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Selecting Wash/Spin Speeds; Rinse And Spin; Accuwash™ Temperature Control System; Smart Bleach™ Timed Bleach Dispenser - Whirlpool 3955876 Use And Care Manual

Automatic washer with catalyst cleaning action
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Casual Permanent Press cycle
A load cooling spray rinse reduces wrinkling. Use this 8- to
10-minute cycle for cleaning lightly to moderately soiled
permanent press blends and synthetic fabrics. Choose a slow
spin speed control setting such as Delicate to help reduce
Whitest Whites cycle
Use this wash cycle for loads of white fabrics that need improved
whitening. For the best soil and stain removal, select CATALYST
on the Cycle Selector Control knob and the Cotton/Heavy setting
on the Fabric Select control knob. Bleach is recommended in this
cycle to provide outstanding whitening. Wash time is
approximately 20 minutes.
Auto Soak cycle
This cycle features agitation followed by soak time to help
remove heavy soils and stains that need pretreatment. The
washer will drain when the Auto Soak cycle ends. The Soak cycle
should be followed by a Normal or Casual Permanent Press cycle
with additional detergent.
NOTE: Hot water is not recommended for soaking. It may set
some stains. If using the CATALYST
Auto SOAK cycle is not needed.

Selecting Wash/Spin Speeds

This section describes the wash/spin speeds you can select with
the Fabric Select control. Each speed setting is designed for
different types of fabric and soil levels.
Fabric Select knob
Quick Wash
This speed setting is for normally soiled cottons and linens.
Setting combines slow-speed agitation and fast spin speeds to
shorten drying time.
Cotton/Heavy speed
This speed setting is for sturdy or heavily soiled loads. Setting
combines fast speed agitation and fast spin speeds. For best
results, use this setting when the Cycle Selector Control knob is
set on the CATALYST setting.
Casual/P. Press speed
This speed setting is for sturdy permanent press and synthetic
fabrics. Setting combines fast speed agitation and slow spin
speeds to reduce wrinkling.
Cleaning Action, use of the
Handwash/Wool speed
Use this speed setting for hand washable and special-care items.
The wash action has repeating periods of extra-slow speed
agitation and soaking. Slow spin speeds help reduce wrinkling.
NOTE: Do not use this cycle for large items such as blankets.
Some "Hand Wash" items, particularly wool, naturally shrink
when washed. When still wet, block these items by gently
stretching to original measurements. Allow the items to dry flat.
Delicates speed
This speed setting is for lingerie and loosely knit items. Setting
combines extra-low speed agitation for gentle soil removal and
low spin speed to reduce wrinkling.
Knits/Blends speed
This speed setting is for washable knit fabrics and permanent
press fabrics. Setting combines slow speed agitation for gentle
soil removal and slow spin speeds to reduce wrinkling.
After using extra detergent in a cycle for heavily soiled clothes, or
when washing special-care items, you may find that an extra
rinse and spin is needed.
1. Set the controls for Load Size, Temperature, Extra Rinse (to
On), and Fabric Select.
2. Push in the Cycle Selector Control knob and turn it to any of
the Extra Rinse settings.
3. Pull out the Cycle Selector Control knob. The washer fills to
the selected water level, agitates, drains, and spins.
ACCUWASH™ Temperature Control System
Your washer uses ACCUWASH™ temperature control system.
The ACCUWASH™ feature maintains a uniform water
temperature by regulating incoming hot and cold water. This
helps eliminate undissolved detergent and ensures consistent
cleaning results. The cold wash is regulated at approximately
70ºF (21ºC). The warm wash is maintained at approximately 90ºF
Make sure that both hot and cold water faucets are turned on
or the ACCUWASH™ feature will not work properly.
The wash and rinse water temperature for Hot/Cold are not
regulated with the ACCUWASH™ feature.
SMART BLEACH™ Timed Bleach Dispenser
The timed bleach dispenser automatically dispenses liquid
chlorine bleach to the wash load at the appropriate time during
the cycle to help ensure the cleanest and brightest loads. Bleach
is dispensed into the wash load a few minutes after agitation
begins in order to give the detergent time to achieve the best soil
and stain removal.
NOTE: Do not use this dispenser to add powdered chlorine or
color-safe bleach to your wash load. The dispenser is for liquid
chlorine bleach only.

Rinse and Spin



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