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Selecting A Cycle - Whirlpool 3955876 Use And Care Manual

Automatic washer with catalyst cleaning action
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7. Set the water Temperature selector to the correct setting for
the type of fabric and soils being washed. Use the warmest
wash water safe for fabric. Follow garment label instructions.
Water Temp
Use for
Whites and pastels
Heavy soils
Bright colors
Moderate to light soils
Colors that bleed or fade
Light soils
NOTE: In wash water temperatures colder than 70ºF (21ºC),
some detergents do not dissolve well. Soils can be difficult to
remove. Some fabrics can retain wear wrinkles and have
increased pilling (the formation of small lint-like balls on the
surface of garments).
(OPTIONAL) An ACCUWASH™ Temperature Control System
electronically senses and maintains a uniform water
temperature by regulating incoming hot and cold water.
Even in cold wash, some warm water is let into the
washer to maintain a minimum temperature of
approximately 70ºF (21ºC).
Warm wash is maintained at approximately 90°F (32°C).
Warm rinse is maintained at approximately 70ºF (21ºC) for
all warm rinse settings. To reduce wrinkling, the warm
rinse is regulated to be cooler than the warm wash.
8. (RINSE OPTIONS) You can customize your wash by adding
the Extra Rinse option to your cycle selections. A cycle will
"start" where you set the Cycle Selector Control knob. See
"Selecting a Cycle." The cycle will "stop" where you set the
Extra Rinse control knob. This knob has settings for:
Off. Use this option for one rinse after a basic wash cycle,
Rinse & Spin, and Drain & Spin.
On. An Extra Rinse can be added to the Normal and
Whitest Whites cycles.
9. Set the Fabric Select control knob according to the type of
fabric in the load. See "Selecting Wash/Spin Speeds."
10. Push in the Cycle Selector Control knob and turn it to the
wash cycle you want. Reduce the wash time when using a
small load size setting. See "Selecting a Cycle."
Pull out the Cycle Selector Control knob to start the washer.
To stop or restart your washer
To stop the washer at any time, push in the Cycle Selector
Control knob.
To restart the washer, close the lid (if open) and pull out
the Cycle Selector Control knob.

Selecting a Cycle

This section describes the available wash cycles and will help
you make the best cycle selections for your wash loads. Each
cycle is designed for different types of fabric and soil levels.
The washer pauses briefly throughout each cycle. These
pauses are normal. Refer to "Normal Sounds" to learn more
about the sounds you may hear during a wash cycle.
Refer to "Understanding Washer Cycles" to learn what
happens during a wash cycle.
NOTE: Use this control to choose agitation time and to start the
washer. For heavy soil and sturdy fabrics, use the full time. Use
less time for light soil and delicate fabrics.
Cycle Selector Control knob
Cleaning Action
Your washer uses the CATALYST
better soil and stain removal from your wash load. CATALYST
Cleaning Action reduces the need for pretreatment and is safe for
all fabrics. The CATALYST
Whitest Whites and Normal cycles. Although CATALYST
Cleaning Action is available on all Fabric Select control settings,
for the best cleaning performance, select Cotton/Heavy when
selecting the Catalyst cycle option.
Cleaning Action to your wash cycle,
you must set the Cycle Selector Control knob to the Catalyst
Cleaning Action works
1. Before agitation begins, detergent is automatically released
into a special chamber that mixes the detergent with a small
amount of water to create a sudsy cleaning solution.
2. Spinning spreads out the clothes.
3. The cleaning solution showers onto the top of the fabrics. The
solution is pulled through the clothes, and the detergent
enzymes attach to soils and stains, lifting them away.
4. The washer fills to the selected water level and completes the
selected cycle.
For best results, the load should be dry at the start of the
Stubborn and set-in stains might require additional
Normal cycle
Use this cycle for most loads to get between 6 and 15 minutes of
wash time. For heavily soiled clothes, select the CATALYST
Cleaning Action cycle and Cotton/Heavy on the Fabric Select
Cleaning Action to help ensure
Cleaning Action is available in the



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