Whirlpool RB260PXK Use & Care Manual

Electric oven 30-inch built-in.
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Models RB26OOXK; RB260PXK
Oven Vent
I '
Serlol Number
Light Switch
Lever Cover
Broll Element
Oven Rack Guide
Oven Front From0
Boke Element
Heat Seal
Air Flow Oven Door
Your Model
and Serial Numbers
If you need service,
or call with a question,
have this
and Serial Numbers
[from the plate
just behind
the oven door)
2. Purchase
or installation
date from your sales slip.
this information
in these spaces.
Keep this book,
your warranty
and the sales slip together
in a handy
and Phone Number
See the "Cooklng


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   Summary of Contents for Whirlpool RB260PXK

  • Page 1

    Copy this information in these spaces. your warranty and the sales slip together place. See the “Cooklng BUtLT-IN SELF-CLEANING Models RB26OOXK; RB260PXK I ’ Copy Your Model and Serial Numbers have this [from the plate Purchase~lnsfallallon Keep this book,...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Your responsfb2lMes.. Proper installation and safe use of the oven are your personal responsibilities. Read this “Use and Care Guide”and Guide”carefully for important Installation You must be sure Your oven is... installed and leveled in a wall or cabinet that will hold the weight;...

  • Page 4: Baking

    Using your oven Automatic MEALTIMER’ Clock Stop Time Knob Minute Timer Start Time Knob Let the oven preheat until the Signal goes off. Put food in the oven. When done baking, turn both knobs to OFF. RESETTING THE OVEN TEMPERATURE CONTROL Does your new oven seem to be hotter or colder old oven? The temperature setting in your old oven may have changed...

  • Page 5: Broiling

    Place the rack where You want it for broiling. (See below for suggestions.) Set Oven Temperature Control to BROIL (Set on a lower temperature slower broiling below Broiling can be slowed lower than BROIL When it’s on BROIL, the broil element on a temperature, the element the shorter are the times when the element...

  • Page 6: Setting The Clock

    gested oven-rack di f? erent kinds of meats. Food Beef Steaks Rare Medium Well done Beef Steaks Rare Medium Well Done Hamburgers Lamb Chops Medium Ham slice, Drecooked or tendered Canadian Bacon Pork Rib or Loin Chop Well done Chicken Fish liver Frankfurters...

  • Page 7

    USING THE AUTOMATIC The Automatic MEALTIMER Clock you set...even when you ore not around. To start and stop baking automatlcally: Put the racks where want them and place food in the oven. Push in and turn the Stop clockwlse Time Knob to the time you want the oven to shut off.

  • Page 8: Oven Light, Oven Vent

    The oven light will come on when you open the oven door or when you push the Oven Light switch. Close the oven door or push the switch again To replace the light bulb: Turn off the electric power at the main power supply 4.

  • Page 9

    Cleaning and caring for your oven CONTROL PANEL AND KNOBS First make sure Use worm soapy knobs are on OFF water and a soft then pull knob cloth to wipe straight off. the panel. and wipe dry. THE OUTER OVEN WINDOW If your oven has a window frame con be removed REMOVING...

  • Page 10

    USING THE SELF-CLEANING The self-cleaning cycle you start, make sure you understand safely. BEFORE YOU START DO NOT block the vent during the cleaning Air must move freely for best results. DO NOT use commercial oven cleaners in your oven. Damage to the porcelain finish may occur.

  • Page 11

    SETTING THE CONTROLS Set the Oven Selector CLEAN. Push in the Stop fime Knob and turn the hand clock- wise about two or three hours. [Two hours for light soil; three or more for heavier soil.) The Lock Light comes on when the oven gets above normal...

  • Page 12

    Keep the kitchen well ventilated during cleaning cycle to help get rid of normal heat odors and smoke. Oven racks lose their shine, discolor and become harder to slide on their guides when they are left in the oven during the cleaning cycle.

  • Page 13: Cleaning Chart

    CLEANING CHART PART WHAT TO USE Outside of oven Sott cloth, Nylon or plastic for stubborn Control knobs Warm sudsy water brush Aluminum broiler Warm, soapy pan and grid steel wool Control panel Warm, soapy Commercial Oven door glass Warm, soapy scrubbing Commercial Oven racks...

  • Page 14: Before Calling For Assistance, If You Need Assistance, If You Need Service

    Gulde for more rnforma- tion on cooking problems and how to solve them. Ifyou need assistance”‘. . . Call the Whirlpool with- sfstance telephone Contlnental U.S..(800) 253-1301 Mlchlgan ....(800) 632-2243...

  • Page 15: If You Have A Problem

    [see Step 2) and talk with one of our Consultants, or if you prefer, write to: Mr. Guy Turner, Vice President Whirlpool Corporation Administrative Center 2000 US-33 North Benton Harbor, MI 49022 If you must call or write, please...

  • Page 16

    Whirlpool Corporation quality parts. look for thts symbol 01 quality whenever ~ you need a replacement part for your Whirlpool appliance. FSP replacement parts they are exacting speciflcalions new Whirlpool appliance. Ltenton harbor. Michigan. Aulomalic Washers, Clolhes Dyers. Freezers, Relrigeralor-Freezers.

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