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Acer SpeedWing MiniTwin 250 Assembly Instructions Manual


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Summary of Contents for Acer SpeedWing MiniTwin 250

  • Page 2: Radio Equipment

    MiniTwin 250 MiniTwin 250 MiniTwin 250 - by Acer ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS Thank you for choosing the MiniTwin 250 as your next project. This kit is easy to build and only requires a few hours to complete. Once finished, you will be rewarded with a stable, FAST, fun to fly wing that you can take anywhere.
  • Page 3 Instructions 1. Separate cores from their beds. Use the extra piece of EPP to lightly rub off the hairs left over from the foam cutting process, you may need to use your fingers to pick off heavier hairs. 2. Find the ply motor mount. The laser cutting process leaves the edges darker than the wood, if you want to you can lightly sand the edges.
  • Page 4 Note: ESC #2 is if you want Rudder operation ( ). OR you can use a V-Tail mixer if details later you don’t have a mixing computer radio ( See Diagrams on page 10 6. Once everything is marked out, take a sharp hobby knife and cut around the outlines you just made only cut as deep as the part you are...
  • Page 5 Installing the Carbon Fiber Reinforcement To install the carbon fiber tape, you’ll need some paper masking tape, thin CA, a plastic sandwich bag or wrap, your wing beds, some type of weights , a pair of small scissors and a hobby knife.
  • Page 6 to all of the remaining CF tape on this side of the wing. 1c. Remove the masking tape and trim off the excess CF tape. It is best to do this on a bias parallel to the front of the wing and at about halfway point to the wing thickness. Just trim flush to the wing tips for the remainder of the CF tape.
  • Page 7 you don’t introduce a warp in the wing. 3. Once the top is covered, cover the bottom in the same way, preferably with a contrasting color of tape. Once again working your way from trailing edge to the leading edge. You can take the warp out that you may have introduced with the top covering by stretching the bottom tape before...
  • Page 8: Final Setup

    using a small amount of 5 minute epoxy, leaving about 1" extending under wing. 9. Now run the excess antenna back and forth through the flutes in the tiplet, leaving a couple inches extending out the back of the tiplet. Final Setup 1.
  • Page 9 It is also able to do a type of flat spin that is exclusive to this wing. I hope you enjoy your new Mini Twin 250. If you have any questions, e-mail me at: Thanks again for your purchase. We appreciate it!
  • Page 10 Optional Rudder Operation (differential thrust) You can have rudder control by mixing the signal to two ESC’s either by using your Computer radio mixes, or by using an onboard V-Tail mixer. This gives you differential thrust in both motors that you can control with your rudder stick and acts much like a normal rudder.