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Asus ROG Ranger BP3703 User Manual page 4

Gaming backpack
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Turn off Aura RGB Exterior Lighting
Press the Aura RGB Exterior Lighting On/Off button (C) for 3 seconds to
terminate all the lighting (including internal light) and turn off the ambient
sensor function. Press it again to wake it up to previous status.
NOTE: Your powerbank may automatically adjust its output when the lighting is
terminated. Disconnect and reconnect it if the Aura RGB Exterior Lighting cannot
wake up after toggling it back on.
Disconnect your powerbank from the USB
cable after use.
When you reconnect your powerback, the
Aura RGB Lighting will keep its previous
The powerbank is purchased separately.
Reset to factory mode
Press the Aura RGB Ambient Sensor On/Off button (A) and the Aura RGB
Exterior Color (B) at the same time to reset your BP3703 Gaming Backpack
to its factory defaults.
WARNING: DO NOT remove the non-detachable controller and cable from your
Your backpack accessories
1. Detachable messenger bag
RFID blocking pocket
NOTE: The RFID blocking pocket is inside the detachable messenger bag. This
pocket prevents your personal information from being obtained by a RFID reader.