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Beeston Heating ACER 60 Design Manual page 13

Wall-hung condensing premix gas fired boiler 60-180 kw
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Bees ton ACER wall-hung c ondens ing boiler 60-180kW
7 Boiler control panel & system control options
Boiler control panel display
7.1.1 The Acer boilers have a comprehensive
control panel.
Double pole on/off switch.
• Indication lamps: green for burner On
and red for lockout.
• CH setting knob, for setting the maximum
flow temp for heating.
temperature of domestic hot water.
• Reset key.
• ECO key and ECO green lamp, when a
calorifier is connected, and the lamp is
on the domestic hot water is active, by
pressing the ECO button the lamp will go
out and DHW will be set in night setback
or holiday mode.
• Two
displays the appliance flow temperature.
The other displays the current status of
the appliance.
• Summer/ Winter and Off switch.
1- Winter, (W) Position heating and
domestic hot water (DHW) active.
2- Summer (S) position, heating is off
domestic hot water (DHW) is active.
3- Off position the appliance is off.
7.1.2 The appliance has built in frost protection,
when the boiler temperature drops below
7°C it activates the pump and if the
temperature drops to 5°C, the burner is
ignited, when the flow reaches 10 °C the
burner will cut out.
The Boiler control Panel Display and function key
Step control
This feature allows the increase of the flow
temperature by steps at the beginning of the
heating process. This happens in such a
manner that during the heating process the
boiler has the lowest possible return
temperature and condenses continuously
and has therefore the optimum efficiency.
7.2.1 There are 6 steps, the first step is after the
boiler fires, the boiler output is increased by
50%, in the second step the appliance
output is increased by10% in 60 seconds,
and so on. Thus the boiler output is
increased by 10% in every step, the
program stops once the maximum output or
the required room temperature has been
7.2.2 If an On-Off room thermostat is connected to
the boiler and the heat demand has been
met (the thermostat is 'off'), the programme
will step down with similar time intervals until
demand returns.
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