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Whirlpool COMPACT FREEZER Use And Care Manual

Whirlpool corporation compact freezer use and care guide compact freezer
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  Summary of Contents for Whirlpool COMPACT FREEZER

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    A Note To You pg+$;“z- Parts And Features Installing Your Freezer Using Your Freezer Ca$zzrFor Your If You Need Assistance Or Service Warranty 1-800-253-1301 Call us with questions COMPACT FREEZER or comments.
  • Page 2: A Note To You

    Purchase Date The Whirlpool Freezer Guide The Whirlpool Freezer Guide is a companion book to this Freezer Use and Care Guide and is available free of charge. It contains informa- tion on freezing diierent kinds of foods, packaging and food storage times. The Freezer Guide also has helpful hints for saving energy and solving common freezer problems.
  • Page 3: Pg+$;"Z

    Important Safety Read all operating instructions before using your freezer. Child entrapment and suffocations are not problems of the past. Junked or aban- doned freezers are still dangerous, even if they will lust sit in the garage for a few days.”...
  • Page 4: Parts And Features

    Parts And Features This section contains captioned illustrations of your appliance. Use them to become familiar with where all parts and features are located and what they look like. Removable countertop Evaporator (on back wall- not shown) , Removable storage baskets AdJustable cablnet) .
  • Page 5: Installing Your Freezer

    Installing Your Freezer In This Section Cleanlng your treezer ......5 Locating the proper electrkal supply ..5 Proper installation of any appliance is very important.
  • Page 6 Completing the installation Level the freezer so the door will close prop- erly. The leveling legs are packaged with your Use and Care Guide. Attach the 2 plastic legs to the right and left front comers of the freezer base. Use 2 leveling screws.
  • Page 7: Using Your Freezer

    Using Your Freezer In This Section Setting the temperature control ... 7 Removlng the freezer baskets ... 7 Loadlng the freezer ... 8 In order to obtain the best possible results from your freezer, you must operate it property. This section will tell you how to do just that.
  • Page 8 Be aware of expiration dates of frozen foods. For more information on packaging recommended storage times, refer to a reliable cookbook or freezer storage guide. NOTE: To order Whirlpool’s Freezer Guide, see page 2. Removing the countertop The countertop can be removed for easier cleaning.
  • Page 9 Reversing the door You can reverse the door swing of your freezer so the door opens from the opposite direction. To reverse the door swing: 1. Remove the counter top. (See “Removing the counter top” on page 8.) 2. Remove the %-inch hinge screws with a screwdriver.
  • Page 10 Caring For Your Freezer In This Section Defrosting and cleaning the freezer .._...-..-...--...-... 10 Your freezer is designed to give you years of dependable service. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure a long product life. This section will tell you how to care for your freezer properly.
  • Page 11 What to do during 1. Call the power company. Ask how long power will be off. Keep freezer closed it service Is to be interrupted 24 hours or less. This will help food stay frozen. 3. If service Is to be Interrupted hours, do this: Remove all frozen food and store in a frozen food locker.
  • Page 12: If You Need Assistance Or Service

    If You Need Assistance Or Service This section is designed to help you save the cost of a service call. Part 1 of this section outlines possible problems, their causes, and actions you can take to solve each problem. Parts 2 and 3 tell you what to do if you still need assistance or service.
  • Page 13 United States. To locate the authorized Whirlpool service company in your area, call our Consumer Assistance Center telephone number (see Step 2) or look in your telephone...
  • Page 14: Warranty

    16.1 cubic feet or larger _.__.____________.._... The reimbursement amounts shown may or may not cover the actual replacement freezer. They are. however, the maximum warranty period. Sorry, but Whirlpool is not responsible the freezer, or by accidental or intentional inadequate power, fire damage, water damage, need service.