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Whirlpool DU4000XR Series Use & Care Manual

Undercounter dishwasher.
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Model DU4000XR Series
Ice Makers
and Surtace
Trash Compactors
Room Air Candltmners.

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    Freezers Relrlgeralor-Freezers Ice Makers DIshwashers UNDERCOUNTER DISHWASHER Model DU4000XR Series Built-In Ovens and Surtace Units Ranges. Microwave Ovens. Trash Compactors Room Air Candltmners. Dehumldll...

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    COMMON DISHWASHING IF YOU NEED SERVICE OR ASSISTANCE 1. Before Calling for Assistance 2 If You Need Assistance 3. If You Need Service 4,lfYouHaveaProblem c 1985 Whirlpool Corporation responslblllty and obligatlon by a qualified installer. where it is protected trom the elements.

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    Parts and features Model DU4000XR Series - UPPER SPRAY ARM TOP RACK BOTTOM RACK RACK BUMPER DETERGENT DISPENSERS RINSE AID DISPENSER USIZK bulut (Permanent Loualj HEATING ELEMENT Copy your Model and Serial When you need service or call with a questron,...

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    For Best Results Your dishwasher cleans by spraying ture of hot, clean water and detergent soiled surfaces of dishes. When started, the dishwosher fills with waterto the level of the heating element pumped through rotating drained through the filter system moves food SOII, and...

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    Proper loading Always load dishes so soiled surfacesare Water must be able to drain off completely items so spray can reach all surfaces. Top rack loading The top rack is designed for CUPS, glasseS and smaller items. Place so open ends face down for clean- ing and draining.

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    Bottom Make sure pot handles and other items do not stop rotation of either the upper lower spray arm. Spray arms must move freely. Securely place heavily soiled cookware face down in rack. Place plates, soup bowls, etc., between prongs and facing the spray.

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    Adding detergent The kind and amount of dishwasher getting your dishes clean. Read this section Use automatic dlsh- washer detergent only. Other detergents too mild much sudsy to work in the dishwasher. Different brands dishwasher detergent have different amounts of phosphorus. Phospho- rus softens water...

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    Before starting your dishwasher 1. Spin the Upper Spray Arm to make sure nothing will stop it from turning freely 2. Push door firmly when closing and it will automatically latch. 3. Run hot water at sink nearest dishwasher until it is hot. Turn it off. Starting your dishwasher POTS &...

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    OPTION SELECTOR BUllONS DOOR LATCH Selecting a cycle POTS & PANS Cycle Maximum cleaning for cooked- baked-on foods. Timer delays while the dishwasher automatically heats the water to 145’F (63°C) in both washes and the last rinse (marked Cycle time will be about 1% to 2 hours, depending...

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    Energy saving tips You can help save energy if you: 1. Wash full loads. Running a half-filled washer uses the same amount of electricity and hot water as a fully loaded machine. 3. Air dry dishes when you don’t need a rapid drying cycle Allow...

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    Special tips on dishwasher use Remember, use your dishwasher only for the job it was designed Some items are not dishwasher safe or may require Read these special tips for the following hUlliUUlTl: Aluminum loses its bright, shiny appearance minerals in the water and the alkalinity fade If washed...

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    Common dishwashing problems PROBLEM CAUSED BY Spottlng Hard water fllmlng (hard water film] Water IS not hot enough Not enough detergent, Improper detergent “Old” detergent Improper loading No rinse aid AIR DRY Setting used Spray arm or arms not Small partlcler rotating freely deposlted...

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    CAUSED BY PROBLEM Water is not Dlshes hot enough washlng clean Improper loading Spray arm or arms not rotating freeiy Not enough detergent or improper detergent “0ld“detergent Water pressure be low, dishwasher not filling properly Too much detergent Cloudy tllm on in soft water glassware, etching...

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    Whirlpool a qualified quality parts. Look for this symbol of quality you need a replacement for your Whirlpool FSP replacement will fit right and work right, because made to the some exacting used to build every new Whirlpool...

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    Use & Care literature “Large Type” Klt 787477 literature Send your name, mailing model and serial number for your Whirlpool pliance to the address shown above. send the kit you select at no charge. Use & Care Use & Care address...

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    Making your world a little easier. PartNo.304275Rev.A Printed in U.S.A. al986 Whirlpool Corporation Makers. Dishwashers Bu~ltbln Ovens and Surface Un11s Ranges M~croware Ovens Trash Compactors, Room Air Condltloners. Oehumldlflers. Automatic Washers, Clothes...

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