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Troubleshooting; Common Power Output Problems; Service Information - DeWalt DXAEPI140 Instruction Manual

140 watt power inverter
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Common Audio Problems
Buzzing Sound In
Audio Systems
DXAEPI140_ManualENSP_100716.indd 10
Possible Solution
Some inexpensive stereo systems and
boom boxes make a buzzing sound when
operated from the inverter, because the
power supply in the electronic device does
not properly filter the modified sine wave
produced by the inverter. The only solution
to this problem is to use a sound system
that has a higher quality power supply.
The inverter is shielded to minimize
interference with TV signals. However, in
some instances, some interference may
still be visible, especially when the TV signal
is weak. Try the following to improve the
1. Move the inverter as far away as
possible from the TV set, the antenna,
and the antenna cables. Use a short
AC extension cord, if necessary.
2. Adjust the orientation of the antenna
cables, and the TV power cord to
minimize interference.
3. Make sure that the antenna feeding the
TV provides an adequate (snow-free)
signal and that high quality, shielded
antenna cable is used.

Common Power Output Problems

Possible Solution
Input voltage below
Recharge auto battery or check DC power
10.5 volts
Equipment being
Reduce load to maximum 140 watts for
operated draws too
20 minutes, 120 watts for 60 minutes, 100
much power
watts continuous.
Inverter in thermal
Allow inverter to cool down. Ensure there
shutdown condition
is adequate ventilation around the unit and
that the load is no more than 100 watts for
continuous operation.
AC output is
Unplug the AC appliance. Disconnect the
unit from any 12 volt DC power source.
Check the appliance cord.
WARNING: Since accessories, other than those offered by
WALT, have not been tested with this product, use of such
accessories with this unit could be hazardous. To reduce the risk of
injury, only D
WALT recommended accessories should be used with
this product.
If you need assistance regarding accessories, please contact the
manufacturer at 1-888-394-3392 or CustomerService@dewalt12volt.

Service Information

Whether you need technical advice, repair, or genuine factory
replacement parts, contact the manufacturer at 1-888-394-3392 or
10/19/2016 3:59:38 PM

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Table of Contents

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