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Whirlpool 8533582 Use And Care Manual

Duet electronic electric dryer


Use & Care Guide
For questions about features, operation/performance, parts accessories
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Whirlpool 8533582

  • Page 1 ® ® ELECTRONIC ELECTRIC DRYER Use & Care Guide For questions about features, operation/performance, parts accessories or service call: 1-800-253-1301 or visit our website at... Table of Contents ... 2 8533582...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    DRYER SAFETY...3 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ...4 Tools and Parts ...4 Options ...4 Location Requirements ...5 Electrical Requirements ...7 Electrical Connection ...8 Venting Requirements...11 Plan Vent System ...12 Install Vent System...13 Install Leveling Legs ...14 Level Dryer ...14 Connect Vent...14 Complete Installation ...14 DRYER USE ...15 Starting Your Dryer...15 Stopping Your Dryer ...16...
  • Page 3: Dryer Safety

    Your safety and the safety of others are very important. We have provided many important safety messages in this manual and on your appliance. Always read and obey all safety messages. This is the safety alert symbol. This symbol alerts you to potential hazards that can kill or hurt you and others. All safety messages will follow the safety alert symbol and either the word “DANGER”...
  • Page 4: Installation Instructions

    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Tools and Parts Check that you have everything necessary for correct installation. Proper installation is your responsibility. Flat-blade screwdriver Adjustable wrench that opens to 1 in. (2.5 cm) or hex-head socket wrench (for adjusting dryer feet) Level Wire stripper (direct wire installations) #2 Phillips screwdriver Parts supplied...
  • Page 5: Location Requirements

    Location Requirements Explosion Hazard Keep flammable materials and vapors, such as gasoline, away from dryer. Place dryer at least 18 inches (46 cm) above the floor for a garage installation. Failure to do so can result in death, explosion, or fire. You will need A location that allows for proper exhaust installation.
  • Page 6 Minimum installation spacing for recessed or closet installation, with or without a pedestal The dimensions shown are for the minimum spacing allowed. For closet installation, with a door, minimum ventilation openings in the top and bottom of the door are required. Louvered doors with equivalent ventilation openings are acceptable.
  • Page 7: Electrical Requirements

    Electrical Requirements It is your responsibility To contact a qualified electrical installer. To be sure that the electrical connection is adequate and in conformance with the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70-latest edition and all local codes and ordinances. The National Electric Code requires a 4-wire supply connection for homes built after 1996, dryer circuits involved in remodeling after 1996, and all mobile home installations.
  • Page 8: Electrical Connection

    Electrical Connection Power Supply Cord Fire Hazard Use a new UL listed 30 amp power supply cord. Use a UL listed strain relief. Disconnect power before making electrical connections. Connect neutral wire (white or center wire) to center terminal (silver). Ground wire (green or bare wire) must be connected to green ground connector.
  • Page 9 Electrical Connection Options If your home has: And you will be connecting to: 4-wire receptacle A UL listed, 120/ (NEMA Type 14-30R) 240 volt minimum, 30 amp, dryer power supply cord* 4-wire direct A fused disconnect or circuit breaker box* 5"...
  • Page 10 3. Connect ground wire (green or bare) of power supply cable to external ground conductor screw. Tighten screw. 1. External ground conductor screw 2. Green or bare copper wire of power supply cord in. (1.9 cm) UL listed strain relief 4.
  • Page 11: Venting Requirements

    4 in. (10.2 cm) heavy metal exhaust vent and clamps must be used. DURASAFE™ vent products are recommended. DURASAFE™ vent products can be purchased from your dealer or by calling Whirlpool Parts and Accessories. For more information, see the “Assistance or Service” section of this manual.
  • Page 12: Plan Vent System

    Use clamps to seal all joints. Exhaust vent must not be connected or secured with screws or other fastening devices which extend into the interior of the duct. Do not use duct tape. IMPORTANT: Observe all governing codes and ordinances. Improper venting can cause moisture and lint to collect indoors, which may result in: Moisture damage to woodwork, furniture, paint, wall-...
  • Page 13: Install Vent System

    NOTE: The following kits for close clearance alternate installations are available for purchase. Please see the “Assistance or Service” section of this manual to order. Over the top Installation: Part Number 4396028 Periscope Installation (For use with dryer vent to wall vent mismatch): Part Number 4396037 - 0 in.
  • Page 14: Install Leveling Legs

    Install Leveling Legs WARNING Excessive Weight Hazard Use two or more people to move and install dryer. Failure to do so can result in back or other injury. 1. To protect the floor, use a large flat piece of cardboard from the dryer carton.
  • Page 15: Dryer Use

    Starting Your Dryer Explosion Hazard Keep flammable materials and vapors, such as gasoline, away from dryer. Do not dry anything that has ever had anything flammable on it (even after washing). Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, explosion, or fire. Fire Hazard No washer can completely remove oil.
  • Page 16: Stopping Your Dryer

    To use a Manual Cycle Rotate the dial to select a Manual Cycle. Press MORE TIME or LESS TIME until the desired drying time is displayed. Tap MORE TIME or LESS TIME and the time will change by 1-minute intervals. Press and hold MORE TIME or LESS TIME and the time will change by 5-minute intervals.
  • Page 17: Drying And Cycle Tips

    Drying and Cycle Tips Select the correct cycle and dryness level or temperature for your load. If an Automatic Cycle is running, the display shows the estimated cycle time when your dryer is automatically sensing the dryness level of your load. If a Manual Cycle is running, the display shows the exact number of minutes remaining in the cycle.
  • Page 18: Cycles

    Cycles Select the drying cycle that matches the type of load you are drying (see Automatic Preset or Manual Preset Cycle Settings charts). Cycle control knob Automatic Cycles Automatic Cycles allow you to match the cycle to the load you are drying.
  • Page 19: Additional Features

    Additional Features WRINKLE SHIELD™ Feature When you are unable to remove a load of clothes from the dryer as soon as it stops, wrinkles can form. The WRINKLE SHIELD™ feature periodically tumbles, rearranges and fluffs the load to avoid wrinkles. Press the WRINKLE SHIELD™...
  • Page 20: Dryer Care

    NOTE: Do not allow items to hang over the edge of the rack. 4. Close the door. 5. Select a timed drying cycle and temperature, or an air cycle (see following chart). Items containing foam, rubber, or plastic must be dried on a clothesline or by using the Air Only temperature setting.
  • Page 21: Cleaning The Dryer Interior

    As needed cleaning Laundry detergent and fabric softener residue can build up on the lint screen. This buildup can cause longer drying times for your clothes, or cause the dryer to stop before your load is completely dry. The screen is probably clogged if lint falls off while the screen is in the dryer.
  • Page 22: Troubleshooting

    First try the solutions suggested here and possibly avoid the cost of a service call... Dryer displaying code message “PF” (power failure), check the following: Was the drying cycle interrupted by a power failure? Press (and hold) HOLD TO START button to restart the dryer. “E”...
  • Page 23: Assistance Or Service

    Whirlpool designated service technicians are trained to fulfill the product warranty and provide after-warranty service, anywhere in the United States. To locate the Whirlpool designated service company in your area, you can also look in your telephone directory Yellow Pages. For further assistance...
  • Page 24: Warranty

    In the second through fifth years from the date of purchase, when this dryer is operated and maintained according to instructions attached to or furnished with the product, Whirlpool Corporation will pay for FSP replacement parts to replace the porcelain top should it chip or rust due to defective materials or workmanship.

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