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Air Only Setting; Dryer Features; Additional Features - Whirlpool 8314840B Use And Care Manual

Electronic electric and gas dryers
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Air Only Setting

Use the Air Only setting for items that require drying without heat
such as rubber, plastic and heat sensitive fabrics. Press the
Timed Dry cycle and select Air Only on the temperature selector.
This chart shows examples of items that can be dried using the
Air Only setting.
Type of Load
Foam rubber - pillows, padded bras,
stuffed toys
Plastic - Shower curtains, tablecloths
Rubber-backed rugs
Olefin, polypropylene, sheer nylon
(*Minutes) Reset cycle to complete drying, if needed.
When using Air Only
Check to see that coverings are securely stitched.
Shake and fluff pillows by hand periodically during cycle.
Dry item completely. Foam rubber pillows are slow to dry.

Dryer Features

Time Display
When you select an Automatic cycle, the estimated time is
displayed in the Time Remaining window and the Estimated light
is lit.
When you select a Timed cycle, the actual time is diplayed in the
Time Remaining window.
Drying Status Lights
You can monitor the progress of your load with the Drying Status
The Sensing light flashes at the start of the load when the
electronic moisture sensor is searching for wetness.
Once the moisture sensor detects wetness in the load,
the Wet light flashes until the moisture sensor can no
longer detect wetness in the clothes.
The Damp light flashes after the moisture sensor no
longer detects wetness in the clothes. At this point, the
clothes are approximately 80% dry. You may want to
remove lightweight items in a mixed load to prevent
overdrying or remove partially dry items to hang up to
save on ironing. The Damp light will flash for
approximately two minutes.
Drying/Cool Down
The Drying/Cool Down light will continue to flash until
Cool Down is completed. The Drying/Cool Down light will
also flash if a Timed Cycle has been selected and the
Sensing light does not detect any moisture in the clothes.
The WRINKLE SHIELD™ setting light is lit when it is
selected. The light flashes after the Cool Down period is
complete. The WRINKLE SHIELD setting light will
continue to flash until the clothes are removed or the 120
minutes of the WRINKLE SHIELD system have expired.
You can customize your cycles by selecting different features. If
you change your mind, select a different feature.
Air Only setting*
20 - 30
20 - 30
When you are unable to remove a load of clothes from the dryer
40 - 50
as soon as it stops, wrinkles can form. The WRINKLE SHIELD
10 - 20
setting periodically tumbles, rearranges and fluffs the load to
avoid wrinkles.
Select the WRINKLE SHIELD setting by pressing the On/Off pad
on the Drying Status bar. The WRINKLE SHIELD setting
periodically tumbles the load without heat for up to 120 minutes.
End of Cycle Signal
If the End of Cycle Signal is selected, the signal sounds when a
cycle is complete. If the WRINKLE SHIELD™ setting is selected,
the signal sounds every few minutes. The signal stops when you
open the door.
Press the Bell symbol to select a Softer or Louder signal or to
turn the End of Cycle Signal off.
Drying Rack
Select this feature to dry items such as tennis shoes and pillows
without tumbling. The drum turns, but the rack does not move.
To use the drying rack
1. Slide rear pegs into the dimples on the back wall of the dryer.
Lower the front legs to rest on the dryer opening.
2. Put the wet items on top of the rack. Leave space between
the items so air can reach all the surfaces. Close the door.
NOTE: Do not allow items to hang over the edge of the rack.
3. Select the Rack Dry cycle. Press the MORE TIME or LESS
TIME arrows, if desired. Press the TIMED CYCLES SELECT
pad to select a temperature. Items containing foam, rubber,
or plastic must be dried on a clothesline or by using an Air
Cycle. Press the START pad.
NOTE: You must remove rack for normal tumbling. Do not
use automatic cycles with the drying rack.

Additional Features



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