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Measuring Functions - Bosch Professional GOL 20 D Original Instructions Manual

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Avoid any impact to or dropping of the
measuring tool. After severe exterior effects
to the measuring tool, it is recommended to
carry out an accuracy check (see "Accuracy
Check of the Measuring Tool", page 13) each
time before continuing to work.
Place the measuring tool in the provided
case when transporting it over larger dis-
tances (e.g. in the car). Ensure that the
measuring tool is correctly placed in the
transport case. When placing the measuring
tool in the case, the compensator is locked;
otherwise, it could be damaged in case of in-
tense movement.
Setting Up/Aligning the Measuring Tool
Mounting on the Tripod
Set up the tripod stable and safe against tipping
over or slipping off. Place the measuring tool via
the tripod mount 13 onto the male thread of the
tripod and screw the measuring tool tight with
the locking screw of the tripod.
Roughly level the tripod.
Over short distances, the measuring tool can be
carried mounted on the tripod. To ensure that
the measuring tool is not damaged during this,
the tripod must be held vertically during trans-
port, and should not be carried lengthwise over
the shoulder.
Aligning the Measuring Tool
Align the measuring tool with the levelling
screws 12 so that the air bubble is positioned in
the centre of the circular bubble vial 7.
Turn the first two levelling screws A and B to
move the air bubble so that it is centred be-
tween the two levelling screws. Then turn the
third levelling screw C until the air bubble is po-
sitioned in the centre of the circular bubble vial.
1 609 929 W93 | (31.5.10)
Any remaining deviation of the measuring tool to
the horizontal plane following the balancing of
the circular bubble vial is compensated by
means of the compensator.
While working, regularly check (e.g. by viewing
through the bubble vial mirror 3) whether the air
bubble is still in the centre of the circular bubble
Centring the Measuring Tool over a Point on
the Ground
If required, centre the measuring tool over a
point on the ground. For this, hang the plumb-
bob 20 onto the locking screw of the tripod.
Align the measuring tool above the point on the
ground either by moving the measuring tool on
the tripod or by adjusting the tripod.
Focusing the Telescope
Remove the lens cap from the objective lens 1.
Direct the telescope towards the levelling rod, if
required with help of the optical peep sight 2.
Turn the focusing knob 16 until the graduation
field of the levelling rod appears sharp. Align the
crosshair exactly with the centre of the levelling
rod by turning the horizontal drive screw 14.
When the telescope is correctly focussed, the
crosshair and the image of the levelling rod must
remain aligned when moving your eye behind
the eyepiece.

Measuring Functions

Always set up the levelling rod exactly vertical.
Direct the aligned and focussed measuring tool
against the levelling rod in such a manner that the
crosshair faces centrally against the levelling rod.
Direct the telescope against a bright
object or hold a white sheet of paper
in front of the objective lens 1. Turn
the eyepiece 6 until the crosshair ap-
pears sharp and deep black.
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