Safety Notes; Functional Description; Intended Use; Product Features - Bosch Professional GOL 20 D Original Instructions Manual

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Safety Notes

Read and observe all instructions.
Have the measuring tool repaired only
through qualified specialists using original
spare parts. This ensures that the safety of
the measuring tool is maintained.

Functional Description

Please unfold the fold-out page with the repre-
sentation of the measuring tool and leave it un-
folded while reading the operating instructions.

Intended Use

The measuring tool is intended for determining
and checking precise horizontal partitions. It is
also suitable for measuring heights, distances
and angles.
1 609 929 W93 | (31.5.10)

Product Features

The numbering of the product features shown
refers to the illustration of the measuring tool
on the graphic page.
1 Objective lens
2 Optical peep sight
3 Bubble vial mirror
4 Eyepiece cover
5 Adjusting screw for sighting line
6 Eyepiece
7 Circular bubble vial
8 Compensator lock
9 Horizontal circle reference mark
10 Horizontal circle
11 Adjusting screw of circular bubble vial
12 Levelling screw
13 Tripod mount 5/8" (on the rear side)
14 Horizontal drive screw
15 Serial number
16 Focusing knob
17 Allen key
18 Adjusting pin
19 Case
20 Plumb-bob
The accessories illustrated or described are not in-
cluded as standard delivery.
Bosch Power Tools

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents