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Important Healthy And Safety Information - Acer C701 Quick Start Manual

Mixed reality motion controllers


Important Healthy and Safety Information

Carefully read the following warnings and information before
use of the product and follow all product safety and operating
instructions. Failure to follow these instructions may cause
injury and damage to your body, equipment and property.
[Warning] Be safe to use this product
• Consult your doctor before using the product if you have
pre-existing serious medical conditions (such as a heart
ailment), conditions that affect your ability to safely
perform physical activities, psychiatric conditions (such as
anxiety disorders or post-traumatic stress disorder), or if
you are pregnant or elderly.
[Warning] Children
• Do not leave the product within the reach of young
children or allow them to use or play with it. They can hurt
themselves or others, or damage the product.
• The product may contain small parts with sharp edges
that may cause an injury or which could become
detached and create a choking hazard for young children.
Consult your doctor immediately if any parts of the
product or accessories are swallowed.
Use only in a safe environment
Always use the product in a clear and safe area.
• Take Care of the Controllers
While using the hand controllers, always check that you
have sufficient overhead and surrounding clearance to
allow you to fully extend your arms outward and upwards.
Hitting persons or objects may cause injury or damage.
Hold the controllers firmly and always use the wrist
straps. If released while using, the controller may cause
injury or damage.
[Warning] Interference with medical devices
The product contains components that emit radio waves, which
could affect the operation of nearby electronics, including
cardiac pacemakers, hearing aids and defibrillators. If you have
a pacemaker or other implanted medical device, do not use the
controllers without first consulting your doctor or the
manufacturer of your medical device. Maintain a safe distance
between the product and your medical devices, and stop using
if you observe a persistent interference with your medical
• Do not use your device in a hospital, on an aircraft, or in
any automobile that can be affected by radio frequencies.
Doing so may cause malfunctions of equipment and may
result in injury or damage to property.
Precaution when using this device
• Keep the product away from excessive moisture and
extreme temperatures. Do not leave the product in places
such as on a car dashboard, window sill, or behind a
glass that is exposed to direct sunlight or strong
ultraviolet light for extended periods of time.
• Do not use the device if errors occur. Continued use of
the device after errors occur may result in discomfort or
personal injury.
• If you are allergic to the paint or metal parts on the device,
you may experience itching, eczema, or swelling of the
skin. If this happens, stop using the device and consult
your physician.
[Warning] Repetitive Stress Injuries
• Operate the product in a comfortable posture. Do not grip
the product too tightly. Press the buttons lightly. If you
have tingling, numbness, stiffness, throbbing, or other
discomfort, immediately stop using the product and
consult your doctor.
• Prolonged use of this device and input devices (e.g.,
controllers) can make your muscles, joints, or skin hurt. If
any part of your body becomes tired or sore while playing,
or if you feel symptoms such as tingling, numbness,
burning, or stiffness, stop and rest for several hours
before playing again. If you continue to have any of the
above symptoms or other discomfort during or after play,
stop using this device and consult a physician.
General precautions
• Protect the product and use only approved accessories.
Non-approved product or accessories may cause injury
and damage.
• Use the device for its intended purpose only.
• Do not paint the product or its accessories.
• Avoid using the product after a dramatic change in
- NOTICE: When taking the product from low-
temperature conditions into a warmer environment or
from high-temperature conditions into a cooler
environment, allow the product to acclimate to room
temperature before turning on power.
• Do not drop or cause an impact to the device.
• Do not use or store your device in areas with high
concentrations of dust or airborne materials. Dust or
foreign materials can cause your device to malfunction.
• Do not bite or suck the device. Children or animals can
choke on small parts.
• Do not insert the device or supplied accessories into the
eyes, ears, or mouth.
• Do not expose the device to heavy smoke or fumes.
• Keep the product dry, humidity and liquids may damage
the parts or short electronic circuits.
• Do not store your device in very hot or very cold areas.
We recommend you use your device at temperatures
from 0° C to 35° C.
• Do not use this product if it is cracked, broken, or its cable
is damaged or wire is exposed.
• Do not attempt to disassemble, modify, or repair this
product by yourself, repairs should be made by an
authorized service agent.
• When cleaning your device, mind the following:
- Remove the batteries before cleaning. Use a damp
cloth for cleaning, but NEVER use water to clean the
- Wipe the device and its lens with a clean, soft cloth or a
cotton swab.
- Do not use chemicals or detergents. Doing so may
discolor or corrode the outside of the device.
• Handle and dispose of the device with care.
- Never place the battery or device on or in heating
devices, such as microwave ovens, stoves, or radiators.
- Never crush or puncture the device.



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