Installation Procedure; Points To Note When Turning On/Off The Power Of Host Machine; Before Connection; Connecting To The Host Machine - Canon imagePRESS Server J200 Service Manual

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Chapter 1

1.3 Installation procedure

1.3.1 Points to Note When Turning ON/OFF the power of Host Machine

1.3.2 Before Connection

1) Set the automatic IP address for the communication between the host machine and this equipment.
Select: Service mode > COPIER > OPTION > INT-FACE - IMG-CONT and specify [4].
2) Allocate the enough space to install the host machine as below. The back of this equipment must be 200mm or more away from the wall.

1.3.3 Connecting to the Host Machine

1) Connect the Crossover Ethernet Cable with the lower RJ45 connector [1] on the back of the PS unit.
CAUTION: Power-On Order for Turning On the Power When
Pickup/Delivery Accessories are Connected
Be sure to turn on the power in the correct order otherwise it may cause
an error because the host machine fails to recognize accessories including
this equipment.
<Power-On Order>
1) Accessories (accessories including this equipment)
2) Host machine
There is no power-on order among accessories.
CAUTION: Points to Note When Turning Off the Main Power of the
Host Machine
Be sure to turn off the main power in the following order to protect hard disk
of the host machine.
1) Press the power switch on control panel for 3 sec or more.
2) Follow the instruction on the shutdown sequence screen (the main power
switch will go off automatically).
3) Remove the power plug.
PS unit
Side panel
Front side
200mm+ (8 in.)
(8 in.)



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