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Fresh Converter; Fresh Vegetable Drawer; Storing Food - LG LRBCC1204 Series Owner's Manual

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Fresh Converter

Control the temperature in the Fresh Converter
drawer by sliding the lever a at the front of the
compartment. Choose between Vegetables (cold),
Fish (colder) and Meat (coldest).
To avoid damaging vegetables, do not store them
at the Fish or Meat settings.
b For storing vegetables.
c For storing fish.
d For storing meat.

Fresh Vegetable Drawer

This feature is only available on some models.
This drawer helps to keep fruit and vegetables
fresh. You can control the amount of humidity by
sliding the lever at the front of the drawer.
For storing vegetables.
For storing fruit.

Storing Food

• Do not overfill or pack items too tightly into
door bins. Doing so may cause damage
to the bin or personal injury if items are
removed with excessive force.
• Do not store glass containers in the freezer.
Contents may expand when frozen, break
the container and cause injury.
• If you are leaving home for a short period, like a
short vacation, the refrigerator should be left on.
Refrigerated foods that are able to be frozen will
stay preserved longer if stored in the freezer.
• If you are leaving the refrigerator turned off for
an extended period, remove all food and unplug
the power cord. Clean the interior, and leave the
doors open to prevent fungi from growing in the
• Do not store food with high moisture content
towards the top of the refrigerator. The moisture
could come in direct contact with the cold air
and freeze.
• Wash food before storing it in the refrigerator.
Vegetables should be washed, and food
packaging should be wiped down to prevent
adjacent foods from being contaminated.
• If the refrigerator is kept in a hot and humid
place, frequent opening of the door or storing a
lot of vegetables in the refrigerator may cause
condensation to form. Wipe off the condensation
with a clean cloth or a paper towel.
• If the refrigerator doors are opened or closed too
often, warm air may penetrate the refrigerator
and raise its temperature. This can increase the
running costs of the unit.


Table of Contents

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