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Hints And Tips - AEG SCB5142VLS User Manual

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5.6 Ice-cube production
This appliance is equipped with one or
more trays for the production of ice-
Do not use metallic
instruments to remove the
trays from the freezer.


6.1 Normal operating sounds
The following sounds are normal during
• A faint gurgling and bubbling sound
from coils sound when refrigerant is
• A whirring and pulsating sound from
the compressor when refrigerant is
• A sudden cracking noise from inside
appliance caused by thermic
dilatation (a natural and not
dangerous physical phenomenon).
• A faint click noise from the
temperature regulator when the
compressor switches on or off.
6.2 Hints for energy saving
• Do not open the door frequently or
leave it open longer than absolutely
6.3 Hints for fresh food
• Do not store warm food or
evaporating liquids in the refrigerator.
• Cover or wrap the food, particularly if
it has a strong flavour.
• Position food so that air can circulate
freely around it.
6.4 Hints for refrigeration
Useful hints:
• Meat (all types): wrap in a suitable
packaging and place it on the glass
shelf above the vegetable drawer.
Store meat for at most 1-2 days.
• Cooked foods, cold dishes: cover and
place on any shelf.
1. Fill these trays with water
2. Put the ice trays in the freezer
• Fruit and vegetables: clean
thoroughly and place in a special
drawer. Bananas, potatoes, onions
and garlic must not be kept in the
refrigerator if not packed.
• Butter and cheese: place in a special
airtight container or wrap in an
aluminium foil or a polythene bag to
exclude as much air as possible.
• Bottles: close with a cap and place on
the door bottle shelf, or (if available)
on the bottle rack.
6.5 Hints for freezing
• Freeze only top quality, fresh and
thoroughly cleaned food products.
• For more efficient freezing and
thawing divide food into small
• Wrap the food in aluminium foil or
polythene. Make sure that the
packages are airtight.
• To avoid increase in temperature of
already frozen food, do not place
fresh unfrozen food directly next to it.
• Lean foods store better and longer
than fatty ones. Salt reduces the
storage life of food.
• Do not eat ice cubes, water ices or ice
lollies immediately after taking them
out of the freezer. Risk of frostbites.
• It is advisable to show the freezing
date on each individual pack to
enable you to keep tab of the storage
6.6 Hints for storage of frozen
• Make sure that the commercially
frozen food products were adequately
stored by the retailer.