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BI-98 Ice Maker
Phone (414) 354-0300 • FAX (414) 354-7905
Service & Parts Tech Lines Phone (800) 779-2547 • FAX (414) 354-5696
©2005 U-Line Corporation


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  • Page 1: Installation Guide

    Installation Guide BI-98 Ice Maker Phone (414) 354-0300 • FAX (414) 354-7905 Service & Parts Tech Lines Phone (800) 779-2547 • FAX (414) 354-5696 ©2005 U-Line Corporation 02/2005...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Leveling Information ......Installation of the BI-98 ......10 Grille Installation .

  • Page 3: Exterior Cleaning

    02/2005 BI-98 Ice Maker 2 Inspect and Plan You have received a carton containing your BI-98 Ice Maker with a package inside containing a User Manual, a Product Registration Card and water connection parts. Complete and mail the Product Registration Card or register online at

  • Page 4: Cut-out Dimensions, Product Dimensions, Door Swing/clearances Information

    3 Prepare Site Your U-Line product has been designed for either free- standing or built-in installation. When built-in, your unit does not require additional air space for top, sides or rear. However, the front grille must NOT be obstructed and clearance is required for water and electrical connections in the rear.

  • Page 5: Reversing The Door

    4. Install hinge on opposite side, bottom of cabinet. See Figure 7. Replace nut on back side where installed. Align hinge outer edge with cabinet before tightening screws. 02/2005 BI-98 Ice Maker 5. Relocate plastic spacer/ bushing on bottom of door to opposite side, and place door on bottom hinge pin.

  • Page 6: Other Site Requirements, Custom 1/4" Thick Door Panel Insert

    The unit must not be located near heat-generating equipment or in direct sunlight. BI-98 Ice Maker 4 Prepare and Install Door Panel Units will accept a Custom 1/4" Thick Insert to harmonize with or accent the surrounding decor.

  • Page 7: Checking Door Alignment, Adjusting Door Alignment

    9. Place door on bottom hinge pin and install upper hinge screw. 10. Go on to 5 Adjust Door. 02/2005 BI-98 Ice Maker 5 Adjust Door Checking Door Alignment The unit’s door is aligned at the factory before shipment. However, its alignment could have been disturbed during shipment or during door panel installation.

  • Page 8: Water Supply Connection

    (see Figure 18). However, make certain that the tubing is not pinched or damaged during installation. • U-Line recommends the use of copper tubing for installation. To connect to water supply: 1. Install the 1/4 inch OD copper water line from the main water source.

  • Page 9: Electrical Specifications, Leveling Information

    • Never use an extension cord to connect power to the unit. Go on to 8 Level the Unit. 02/2005 BI-98 Ice Maker 8 Level the Unit Leveling Information It is extremely important that the unit sits on a level surface, as it does not have feet levelers.

  • Page 10: Installation Of The Bi-98, Grille Installation, Installation Troubleshooting

    9 Install the Unit Installation of the BI-98 1. Open the water supply valve in the main water source. 2. Plug in the power cord. 3. Gently push the unit into position. Be careful not to kink the water supply line or entangle the electrical cord.

  • Page 11: Initial Start-up, Start-up Troubleshooting

    It is possible that dirt or scale will dislodge in the water line. Always throw away all ice cubes made during the first twenty-four (24) hours of operation. 02/2005 BI-98 Ice Maker Start-Up Troubleshooting Problem Unit does not appear to turn on when plugged in.

  • Page 12: Service Information

    For more than four decades, U-Line has distinguished itself as the leader in built-in undercounter ice making, refrigeration and wine storage appliances. U-Line Corporation, located in Milwaukee, WI, is a family operated manufacturer of built-in undercounter icemakers, Combo ®...

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