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Bosch TSS Manual

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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Bosch TSS

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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    2 | Index Index Symbols and Safety precautions ..3 Explanation of symbols ..3 Safety instructions ... . . 4 Information on accessories .
  • Page 3: Symbols And Safety Precautions

    Symbols and Safety precautions | 3 Symbols and Safety precautions Explanation of symbols The safety instructions included in the text are highlighted with a warning triangle and marked in grey. The symbols identify the degree of danger which might occur, if the recommendations provided are not followed.
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    4 | Symbols and Safety precautions Maintenance Safety instructions B Inspection of the electrical connections and of the heating element and thermostat set by a B In addition to the following instructions, specialised technician is strongly reading of the safety precautions provided in recommended, at maximum intervals of 2 the thermosyphon installation instructions is years.
  • Page 5: Information On Accessories

    Information on accessories | 5 Information on accessories Use according to directives This device complies with the provisions defined in the European directives 2006/95/EC and 2004/108/EC Equipment supplied Figure 1, page 10: 1. Heating element with ring sealer 2. Thermostat 3.
  • Page 6: Technical Information

    6 | Information on accessories Technical Information Technical characteristics Type of tank litre Rated output Watt 3000 Warm-up time (15 °C - 50 °C) 3h48m Voltage 230/240 Frequency 12,5 (AU) Electric current 13,0 (NZ) Section of electric cable to be installed Level of protection Type of protection IPX4...
  • Page 7: Installation

    Installation | 7 Installation B Remove the thermostat from the heating CAUTION: element ( Fig. 4). The installation, the electrical B Screw the heating element in by turning in a connections, as well as the first clockwise direction ( Fig. 5). start-up are operations to be carried out exclusively by Before installing the element it may...
  • Page 8: Energy Saving

    8 | Installation B Adjust the thermostat to the desired Energy saving temperature at which the heating element is switched off ( Fig. 9, position 2). In order to minimize the consumption of electrical energy, the user may: The thermostat must be set to using the breaker, manually, switch the power •...
  • Page 9: Maintenance

    Maintenance | 9 Maintenance Inspection of the electrical connections and of the heating element and thermostat set by a specialised technician is strongly recommended, at maximum intervals of 2 years. Ensure that the electrical capacity of the house is sufficient for the correct operation of the heating element together with the other appliances already in use.
  • Page 10: Annex

    10 | Annex Annex 6720680229-02.1Av 6720680229-08.1Av Fig. 1 Fig. 4 6720680229-06.1Av 6720680229-01.1Av Fig. 2 Fig. 5 6720680229-05.1Av 6720680229-03.1Av Fig. 3 Fig. 6 6 720 644 138 (2011/09)
  • Page 11 Annex | 11 6720680229-04.1Av 6720680229-09.1Av Fig. 7 Fig. 10 6720680229-07.1Av 6720680229-12.1Av Fig. 8 Fig. 11 ~60°C °C 6720644138-01.1V 6720680229-11.1Av Fig. 9 Fig. 12 6 720 644 138 (2011/09)
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