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Electrolux Vintec VWM122SAA-X User Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux Vintec VWM122SAA-X

  • Page 1 User Manual VWM122SAA-X VWM155SAA-X
  • Page 2: Warning

    Warning As the appliance contains a WARNING: flammable refrigerant, it is Do not damage the refrigerant essential to ensure that the system. refrigerant pipes are not dam- WARNING: aged. Do not use electrical appli- The quantity and type of the ances inside the refrigerated refrigerant used in your appli- storage compartment, unless...
  • Page 3 WARNING: ● Always keep the keys in a separate place and out of reach of children. Children must not clean the ● Before servicing or cleaning the appli- appliance or carry out general ance, unplug the appliance from the maintenance unless they are at mains or disconnect the electrical power least 8 years old and are being supply.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Before use Warning ............2 On receipt, check to ensure that the ap- pliance has not been damaged during Savings in energy consumption in the use .4 transport. Transport damage should be Before use ..........4 reported to the local distributor before the wine cooler is put to use.
  • Page 5: Get To Know Your Wine Cooler

    Get to know your wine cooler Lighting Control panel Charcoal filter Wooden shelf Sealing strip Nameplate Door handle Kick plate Lock Adjustable feet fig. 1 User Manual...
  • Page 6: Technical Data

    Technical data Installation and start-up Placement Wiring and connections in power supply systems must been all applicable (local and For safety and operational reasons, the ap- national) electrical codes. Consult these pliance must not be installed outdoors. codes lengths and sizes prior to cabinet The appliance should be placed on a level installation.
  • Page 7 Installing the Wine Cooler Your Electrolux wine cooler has been designed for either free-standing instal- lation. The front grille must NOT be obstructed. fig. 3 fig. 4 The appliance viewed from above If the appliance is placed beside a wall,...
  • Page 8 Proper Storage The distance pieces on the rear of the ap- pliance ensure sufficient air circulation. Fit Stocking Recommendations. the two caps supplied with the appliance as The wine racks allow for the proper shown in fig. 7. horizontal storage of wine. The bottles are properly positioned so that the wine remains in contact with the cork to assure that the cork does not become...
  • Page 9: Operation And Function

    Operation and function fig. 9 Electronic control The temperature indicator is equipped with a built-in filter which simulates the actual The electronic control ensures that the temperature in the bottles. Consequently, temperatures set at the top and at the bot- the indicator does not react on short-term tom of the appliance are maintained.
  • Page 10 Temperature setting at the bot- Permanent lighting tom of the appliance For presentation purposes of your wine, you can turn the lights permanently. Please Push SET2. Then the temperature at the press the light switch image twice. To bottom of the appliance can be adjusted up switch off the lights press on again.
  • Page 11: Defrosting, Cleaning And Maintenance

    Single-zone setting for long- term storage For long-term wine storage, the top and bot- tom sections should both be set at 12°C. With identical settings for the top and bot- tom sections, the controls will maintain an even temperature throughout the cabinet. However, the temperature in the room will gradually affect the temperature in the cabinet through its door and sides, creating...
  • Page 12: Reversible Door

    Reversible door The door can be changed from right-hinged to left-hinged and vice versa as follows: 2. Remove the upper hinge. 3. Rotate the glass door 180° 1. Lay the appliance on its back (On the smaller cabinets and loosen the upper hinge. (1500mm) desmount the handle.
  • Page 13 9. When the lock pin has been 10. Click the covers into place 11. Fit the door onto the bottom loosened completely, pull on the plinth sides on the pin, fit the top hinge and it up together with the lock opposite side.
  • Page 14: Fault Finding

    Fault finding Fault Possible cause Remedy The appliance is not The appliance is switched off. Press the on/off switch. working. Power failure; the fuse is blown; Check that power is connected. the appliance is not plugged in Reset the fuse. correctly.
  • Page 15: Warranty, Spare Parts And Service

    Warranty, spare parts and service Warranty disclaimer Spare parts Faults and damage caused directly or When ordering spare parts, please state indirectly by incorrect operation, misuse, the type, serial and product numbers of insufficient maintenance, incorrect building, your appliance. This information is given on installation or mains connection.
  • Page 16: Disposal

    Disposal For business users in the Euro- Information for Users on Collection and Disposal of Old Equipment and pean Union. used Batteries If you wish to discard electrical and electronic equipment, please contact These symbols on the products, your dealer or supplier for further packaging, and/or accompanying information.
  • Page 17: Safety Instructions

    Safety instructions (See also Warning page 2). handed over to any person who would use or handle the refrigerator whenever the refrigerator would be transferred 1. There is a name plate inside the cabinet. to another location and delivered to a The name plate provides various recycling plant.
  • Page 18 Intentionally blank page User Manual...
  • Page 19 Intentionally blank page User Manual...
  • Page 20 Electrolux Family. To add a touch of professional inspiration to your home, visit Stay in touch and share your user experience by following us: @vintecclub © 2019 Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd. ABN 51 004 762 341 8120182 rev 02_10_Sep19...

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