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Huawei SUN2000 L1 Series Quick Manual

Huawei SUN2000 L1 Series Quick Manual


Quick Guide
Issue: 03
Part Number: 31500DQD
Date: 2020-04-14
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd


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  • Page 1 SUN2000-(2KTL-5KTL)-L1 Quick Guide Issue: 03 Part Number: 31500DQD Date: 2020-04-14 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd...
  • Page 2 The screw is used to secure the DC switch to prevent accidental startup. The screw is delivered with the solar inverter. • b: DC input terminals PV1 and PV2 are controlled by the DC switch. Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. 2020. All rights reserved.
  • Page 3: Installing The Device

    Installing the Device Installation Requirements Space Angle Mounting Hole Dimensions Installing the Solar Inverter 1. Install the mounting bracket. Avoid drilling holes in the water pipes and cables buried in the wall.
  • Page 4 • M6x60 expansion bolts are delivered with the solar inverter. If the length and number of the bolts do not meet installation requirements, prepare M6 stainless steel expansion bolts by yourself. • The expansion bolts delivered with the solar inverter are mainly used for solid concrete walls. For other types of walls, prepare bolts by yourself and ensure that the wall meets the load bearing requirements of the solar inverter.
  • Page 5: Connecting Cables

    Connecting Cables Preparing Cables • Connect cables in accordance with the local installation laws and regulations. • Before connecting cables, ensure that the DC switch of the solar inverter and all the switches connected to it are set to OFF. Otherwise, the high voltage produced by the solar inverter may cause electric shocks.
  • Page 6 Installing a WLAN Antenna or Smart Dongle • If FE communication is used, install a WLAN-FE Smart Dongle (SDongleA-05). You need to purchase the WLAN-FE Smart Dongle by yourself. • If 4G communication is used, install a 4G Smart Dongle (SDongleA-03). You need to purchase the 4G Smart Dongle by yourself.
  • Page 7 (Optional) 4G Smart Dongle (4G Communication) • If your Smart Dongle is configured with a SIM card, you do not need to install the SIM card. The configured SIM card can be used only on the Smart Dongle. The SIM card is a China Mobile card.
  • Page 8: Installing The Ac Output Power Cable

    Installing the AC Output Power Cable Ensure that the protective layer of the AC output power cable is inside the connector, that the core wires are totally inserted into the cable hole, and that the cable is connected securely. Failing to do so may cause device malfunction or damage.
  • Page 9: Installing Dc Input Power Cables

    To remove the AC connector, perform the operations in reverse order of installing the AC connector. Then, remove the plug insert, as shown in the following figure. Plug insert Installing DC Input Power Cables 1. Ensure that the PV module output is well insulated to ground. 2.
  • Page 10 1. Assemble DC connectors. Positive metal terminal Positive connector PV-CZM-22100 Negative Ensure that the cable Click Negative connector cannot be pulled out metal terminal after being crimped. Use the wrench shown in the Ensure that cable figure to tighten polarities are correct. the locking nut.
  • Page 11 (Optional) Installing Battery Cables • Use insulated tools when connecting cables. • Connect battery cables with correct polarity. If battery cables are reversely connected, the solar inverter may be damaged. Assemble the positive and negative connectors by following the instructions in section 3.5 "Installing DC Input Power Cables."...
  • Page 12 COM Port Pin Definitions Label Definition Description RS485B, RS485 Solar inverters cascading 485B1 differential signal– scenario: used for connecting to the solar inverters. RS485A, RS485 485A1 differential signal+ RS485B, RS485 Used for connecting to the 485B2 differential signal– RS485 signal ports of the battery and power meter.
  • Page 13: Verifying The Installation

    Verifying the Installation Acceptance Criteria The solar inverter is installed correctly and securely. The WLAN antenna is installed correctly and securely. Cables are routed properly as required by the customer. Cable ties are evenly distributed and no burr exists. The PE cable is connected correctly and securely. The DC switch and all the switches connected to the solar inverter are set to the OFF position.
  • Page 14 Type Status (Blinking at long intervals: Meaning On for 1s and then Off for 1s; Blinking at short Intervals: On for 0.2s and then Off for 0.2s) Running LED1 LED2 indication Steady green Steady green The solar inverter is operating in grid-tied mode.
  • Page 15 Commissioning • The screenshots are for reference only. The actual screens prevail. • The initial password for connecting to the solar inverter WLAN is Changeme. • To ensure account security, change the password periodically and keep the new password in mind.
  • Page 16 To create multiple installer accounts for a company, log in to the FusionSolar app and tap New User to create an installer account. 3. Creating a PV Plant and a Plant Owner For details, see FusionSolar App Quick Guide, you can download it by scanning the QR code below.
  • Page 17 , upload the photo of the physical layout template as prompted, and tap Submit. b. Log in to to access the WebUI of the FusionSolar smart PV management system. c. On the home page, click the plant name to go to the plant page. Select Plant Layout, click Add Physical Layout and then Generate with AI, create a physical layout diagram as prompted, and click OK.
  • Page 18: Device Commissioning

    Device Commissioning 1. Access Device commissioning. Scenario 1: Your phone is not Scenario 2: Your phone is connected to the Internet. connected to the Internet. When your phone is connected to the Internet, Device commissioning is not displayed after you tap ..
  • Page 19: Resetting The Password

    Resetting the Password 1. Power off the solar inverter twice within 3 minutes. • Power-off operation: Turn off the AC switch and turn off the DC switch at the bottom of the solar inverter. • Perform one power-on operation between two power-off operations. After the power-on, ensure that is blinking green slowly before performing the second power-off operation.
  • Page 20: Customer Service Contact Information

    Customer Service Contact Information Region Country Hotline Email France Germany Spain 0080033888888 Europe Italy United Kingdom Netherlands Others For details, visit Australia 1800046639 Turkey 0080021686868 Malaysia /1800220036 (+66) 26542662 (charged by Asia local call) Pacific Thailand...
  • Page 21 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Huawei Industrial Base, Bantian, Longgang Shenzhen 518129, People's Republic of China

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