Blaupunkt Monterrey MP35 Operating Instructions Manual

Radio / cd / mp3.
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Radio / CD / MP3
Key West MP35
Monterrey MP35
Syracuse MP35
Operating instructions
7 645 280 510
7 645 485 510
7 645 480 510


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    Radio / CD / MP3 Key West MP35 Monterrey MP35 Syracuse MP35 Operating instructions 7 645 280 510 7 645 485 510 7 645 480 510

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    CONTROLS Button to switch the unit on/off and to mute the unit. button to open and release the control panel. Volume control. Short press: BND button, to se- lect the FM memory bank and the AM waveband, source selection to radio mode. Long press: TS, to start the Travelstore function.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Setting the level display ... 24 Adjusting the brightness ... 25 Setting the colour of the display illumination (Syracuse/ Monterrey MP35) ... 25 Setting the colour of the display illumination (Key West MP35) ... 26 Entering the power-on message .. 27 External audio sources ...

  • Page 6: Notes And Accessories, Road Safety, Installation, Accessories, International Telephone Information

    NOTES AND ACCESSORIES Notes and accessories Thank you for deciding to purchase a Blaupunkt product. We hope you enjoy using this new piece of equipment. Before using the device for the first time, please read these instructions careful- ly. The Blaupunkt editors are constant-...

  • Page 7: Detachable Control Panel, Theft Protection, Detaching The Control Panel, Attaching The Control Panel

    Detachable control panel Theft protection As a way of protecting your equipment against theft, the unit is equipped with a detachable control panel (release pan- el). Without this control panel, the car radio is worthless to a thief. Protect your equipment against theft by taking the control panel with you every time you leave your vehicle.

  • Page 8: Off Timer, Switching On/off

    DETACHABLE CONTROL PANEL Off timer After opening the control panel, the unit will switch off after a pre-adjusted time between 0 to 30 seconds. Press the MENU button 7. button 6 repeat- Press the edly until “OFF TIMER” appears in the display.

  • Page 9: Adjusting The Volume, Setting The Power-on Volume

    SWITCHING ON/OFF Switching on by inserting a CD If the unit is switched off and there is no CD inserted in the drive, button 2. press the The release panel opens. Gently insert the CD with the print- ed side uppermost into the drive until you feel some resistance.

  • Page 10: Instantaneous Volume Reduction (mute), Telephone Audio, Confirmation Beep

    You will need a cable for this with the following Blaupunkt number: 7 607 001 503. You can set the volume at which you want telephone calls to be initially heard.

  • Page 11: Radio Mode, Switching To Radio Mode, Setting The Tuner, Selecting The Frequency Range/memory

    Radio mode Switching to radio mode If you are listening to CD/MP3, CD changer or AUX mode, press the BND•TS 4 button press the SRC button ; repeated- ly until “FM” or “AM” (“MW”) ap- pears in the display. Setting the tuner In order to guarantee the perfect func- tioning of the radio element, the unit must be set for the region in which you...

  • Page 12: Storing Stations, Listening To Preset Stations, Scanning Receivable Stations (scan)

    RADIO MODE Press the MENU button 7. button 6 repeat- Press the edly until “SENS HI” or “SENS LO” appears in the display. “SENS HI” means that the tuner is highly sensitive. “SENS LO” means it is set to the lower sensitivity setting. Set the required sensitivity using button 6.

  • Page 13: Setting The Display, Switching To Cd Mode

    CDs labelled with the com- pact disc logo. Problems might be ex- perienced when trying to play copy-pro- tected CDs. Blaupunkt cannot guaran- tee the proper functioning of copy-pro- tected CDs! Risk of damage to the CD...

  • Page 14: Selecting Tracks, Fast Searching (audible), Random Play (mix), Scanning Tracks (scan), Repeating Tracks (repeat)

    CD MODE You must not hinder or assist the drive as it draws in the CD. Gently close the control panel whilst exerting a little pressure until you feel it clicks into place. CD playback begins. Note: The unit will remain off if the igni- tion is off.

  • Page 15: Pausing Playback (pause), Changing The Display, Displaying Cd Text, Ejecting A Cd

    “RPT OFF” appears briefly in the dis- play and the RPT symbol disappears. Normal playback is then continued. Pausing playback (PAUSE) Press button 3 “PAUSE” appears in the display. Cancelling pause 9 while in Press button 3 pause mode. Playback is continued. Changing the display Two options are available: Track number and clock.

  • Page 16: Mp3 Mode, Preparing The Mp3-cd

    MP3 MODE MP3 mode You can also use this car radio for play- ing CD-Rs and CD-RWs containing MP3 music files. Preparing the MP3-CD The various combinations of CD burn- ers, CD burning software and CD blanks may lead to problems arising with the ability to play certain CDs.

  • Page 17: Switching To Mp3 Mode, Selecting A Directory, Selecting Tracks/files, Fast Searching, Random Track/file Play (mix)

    Do not use “mixed” CDs containing both non-MP3 data and MP3 files. The unit will only select MP3 files during playback. Do not use mix-mode CDs contain- ing both audio tracks and MP3 files. While attempting to playback such CDs, only audio tracks will be selected.

  • Page 18: Whole Directories (repeat), Pausing Playback (pause), Setting The Display

    MP3 MODE Stopping SCAN and continuing playback Briefly press the MENU button 7. The currently scanned track/file will then continue to be played normally. Repeating individual track/file or whole directories (REPEAT) To play the current track/file repeatedly, briefly press button 4 RPT 9. “RPT TRCK”...

  • Page 19: Cd Changer Mode, Switching To Cd Changer Mode, Selecting A Cd, Selecting Tracks

    MP3 MODE Note: Artist, song and album names are part of the ID3 tag version 1 and will not be shown if they are not available on the MP3 files. To configure the MP3 scrolling texts, Press the MENU button 7. button 6 repeatedly Press until “MP3 DISP”...

  • Page 20: Changing The Display, Repeating Individual Tracks Or Whole Cds (repeat), Random Play (mix)

    CD CHANGER MODE Changing the display 5 options are available: Track number and play time Track number and clock CD number and track number CD number and clock CD number and play time DIS button : once or Press the several times for longer than two seconds until the required display appears.

  • Page 21: Clock - Time, Briefly Displaying The Time, Setting The Time, Selecting 12/24-hour Clock Mode

    CLOCK - Time Briefly displaying the time To display the time, briefly press DIS button :. Setting the time To set the time, press the MENU button 7. button 6 repeat- Press the edly until “CLOCK SET” appears in the display. button 6.

  • Page 22: Tone And Volume Distribution Settings, Adjusting The Bass Settings, Adjusting The Treble Settings

    TONE AND VOLUME DISTRIBUTION SETTINGS Tone and volume distribution settings You can adjust the tone settings (bass and treble) separately for each source (radio, CD (MP3), CD changer or AUX and phone). You can boost or cut the bass and tre- ble in ±...

  • Page 23: Setting The Front/back Volume Distribution (fader), Equalizer (eq)

    TONE AND VOLUME DISTRIBUTION SETTINGS Setting the front/back volume distribution (fader) To set the front/back volume distri- bution (fader), press the AUDIO button 5. “BASS” appears in the display. button 6 repeatedly Press the until “FADER” appears in the dis- play.

  • Page 24: X-bass, Setting The Level Display

    X-BASS X-BASS X-Bass means increased bass at low volumes. You can set the X-Bass in steps rang- ing from OFF to three. Three means that the X-Bass boost is set to maximum and OFF means that X-Bass is switched off. In addition, you can choose between a centre frequency of 50 Hz or 100 Hz.

  • Page 25: Adjusting The Brightness, Display Illumination (syracuse Monterrey Mp35)

    MENU button 7 twice. DISPLAY COLOUR Setting the colour of the display illumination (Syracuse/Monterrey MP35) You can adjust the colour of the display illumination to suit the illumination of your vehicle cockpit. The primary col- ours red, green and blue (R-G-B) are available for this.

  • Page 26: Display Colour

    DISPLAY COLOUR Selecting the colour of the display illumination using the colour scan (Syracuse / Monterrey MP35) You can select the colour of the display illumination during the colour scan. The display shows all the possible colour variations that are available in the RGB spectrum.

  • Page 27: Entering The Power-on Message, External Audio Sources

    After you switch on your device, the system displays a short message in the display. The factory default setting is the “BLAUPUNKT” text. Instead of this you can enter your own text up to 9 charac- ters long. Press the MENU button 7.

  • Page 28: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Specifications Amplifier Output power: 18W RMS x 4ch @ 14.4V @ 4ohm @ 1% THD Tuner Frequency ranges USA: 87.5 - 107.9 MHz (200 kHz step) 530 - 1710 kHz (10 kHz step) Frequency ranges Europe: 87.5 - 108 MHz (100 kHz step auto/50 kHz manual) 531 - 1602 kHz (9 kHz step) Frequency ranges Thailand: 87.5 - 108 MHz (50 kHz step auto/25 kHz step manual)

  • Page 29

    (TR) 0212-335 06 69 (USA) 800-2662528 Brasil (Mercosur) (BR) +55-19 3745 2769 Malaysia (Asia Pacific) (MAL) +604-6382 474 Blaupunkt GmbH, Robert-Bosch-Straße 200, D-31139 Hildesheim 12/04 - CM/ASA Fax: WWW: 05121-49 4002 01-610 39 391 02-525 5263 44-898 644 09-435 99236...

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