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Fujitsu UTY-XCBXZ2 Installation Manual page 2

Air conditioner optional parts, external connect kit
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• Be careful not to damage the parts on the board.
Otherwise, it will cause malfunction.
* : Symbol indicating the location printed on the board
(4) Remove the wires from the three fixtures. (See the figure below)
• Leave the thick green wire in fixture C and remove the rest of the wires.
• Do not pull the wires forcibly.
You may damage them.
Fixture A
Fixture B
Fixture C
(5) While pulling the control box towards you, remove in the right direction.
• Do not remove the thermistor.
• Do not damage the terminals on the removed wires. (See the figure below)
Connector number: CN 5
Connector number: CN 4
Connector number: CN 3
Connector number: CN 7
Fixture C
Control box
Control box
Installing communication box
(1) Install the communication box on the main unit and secure it with the provided
screw at the location shown below.
View A (Detail view)
Motor cover
(2) Use the hole on the motor cover and secure the wire from the communication box
with the provided cable tie.
(See the figure below)
Cut away the tip of
the cable tie.
Cable tie
Installing control box
(1) Set the control box toward the bottom so that it touches the motor cover from the
• The installation method of the control box is different for each destination country.
(See figure below)
(When installing, reuse the screw that was removed in Removing control box.)
(2) Secure the control box with a screw. (Use a long screw.)
View A (Detail view)
Insert the protruding part of the main
unit on the ¿ xture (1 location) into
the control box.
Control box



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