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  • Page 1 Use_cases_English.qxd 20-10-2005 16:51 Pagina 1 Media Center MCP9350i Use cases...
  • Page 2: Pagina

    Use_cases_English.qxd 20-10-2005 16:51 Pagina 2 Online help: For interactive help, downloads and frequently asked questions...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Use_cases_English.qxd 20-10-2005 16:51 Pagina 3 Contents Page Using Windows ® XP Media Center ... 4 Control & navigation ... 4 My TV ... 5 Watching live TV ... 5 Using the time-shift function ... 5 TV guide function - Seeking a TV program ... 6 Manual channel search ...
  • Page 4: Using Windows Xp Media Center

    20-10-2005 16:51 Pagina 4 Using Windows ® After starting your Philips Media Center, Windows® XP Media Center starts automatically. Control & navigation • When you move the cursor with the integrated trackball of your keyboard, the Windows ® XP Media Center menu bar and playback controls toolbar appear.
  • Page 5: My Tv

    Use_cases_English.qxd 20-10-2005 16:51 Pagina 5 My TV My TV provides you with all necessary functions to watch live TV and buffered TV (time-shift function), record TV programs, search for TV programs and change TV settings. Watching live TV 1 Press the Live TV ( - 21) key on the remote control.
  • Page 6: Tv Guide Function - Seeking A Tv Program

    Use_cases_English.qxd 20-10-2005 16:51 Pagina 6 TV guide function - Seeking a TV program The guide displays information on channels, TV programs and program schedules. This information is retrieved from your local television service provider. The guide can be updated automatically or manually. Note: Make sure that an internet connection is established for your Media Center.
  • Page 7: Manual Channel Search

    Use_cases_English.qxd 20-10-2005 16:51 Pagina 7 Automatically downloading TV program guide information You can set up Media Center to automatically download the latest TV program guide information. Note: You must have selected your local television service provider, before you can use the Guide.
  • Page 8: Recording Tv Programs

    Use_cases_English.qxd 20-10-2005 16:51 Pagina 8 Change channel order To change the order of the TV channels in your preset channel list: 1 Press the key (8) on the remote control. 2 Select Settings and press the OK key (19) on the remote control. 3 Select TV, then Guide and press the OK key (19).
  • Page 9: Watching Recorded Tv Programs

    Use_cases_English.qxd 20-10-2005 16:51 Pagina 9 Verifying a recording session 1 Press the i (info) key (20) on the remote control. 2 Select Program info in the window that appears and press the OK key (19). Scheduling a TV program recording Manually: 1 Press the key (8) on the remote control, select My TV, Recorded TV and...
  • Page 10: Play Dvd

    Use_cases_English.qxd 20-10-2005 16:51 Pagina 10 > Your recorded TV programs are displayed in the Recorded TV window. 2 Use the remote control navigation keys (1 2 3 4 - 6) to select a title, then select Play and press the OK key (19) to play the TV program. >...
  • Page 11: My Music

    Use_cases_English.qxd 20-10-2005 16:51 Pagina 11 My Music My Music offers you all functions to listen to CD’s and to add and play the music files in the Windows ® Media Player Library. Playing a CD 1 Press the key (8) on the remote control. 2 Insert a CD into the CD/DVD drive (3) of the Media Center.
  • Page 12: Playing Music From Your Media Library

    Use_cases_English.qxd 20-10-2005 16:51 Pagina 12 Playing music from your Media Library 1 Press the key (8) on the remote control, select My Music and press the OK key (19). > In the My Music window you have access to your music files sorted by album, by artist, by song or by genre.
  • Page 13 Use_cases_English.qxd 20-10-2005 16:51 Pagina 13 1 Select My Music and press the OK key (19). 2 Select a song you like and start playback using the 2 (Play) key (11). 3 Select More Programs and press the OK key (19). 4 Select LikeMusic.
  • Page 14: Radio

    Use_cases_English.qxd 20-10-2005 16:51 Pagina 14 Settings: Under Settings you can choose to either add the new playlist to the existing queue list (created via Windows ® Media Player) or to replace the existing queue list with the new playlist. 1 Select Settings. 2 Check the Replace Queue box if you wish to replace the existing queue list.
  • Page 15: My Pictures

    Use_cases_English.qxd 20-10-2005 16:51 Pagina 15 My Pictures With My Pictures you display your digital image files, individually or as a slide show. You can use digital image files from many sources, such as a digital camera, a scanner, or from a CD or other storage media. To view pictures in Windows ® XP Media Center’s My Pictures, you first have to add and organize your picture files into the Windows ®...
  • Page 16: My Videos

    Use_cases_English.qxd 20-10-2005 16:51 Pagina 16 My Videos With My Videos you can play video files recorded with your digital video camera or downloaded from the Internet. Media Center saves your videos, including the TV program recordings you made, in the Windows ® XP My Videos folder and the Shared Video folder.
  • Page 17: Capturing Digital Video

    Use_cases_English.qxd 20-10-2005 16:51 Pagina 17 Capturing Digital Video Capturing Digital Video To capture your own digital video camera recordings, you have to connect your digital video camera to the Media Center using the: FIREWIRE (IEEE1394 / i.LINK) connector (16) OR the USB 2.0 connector (15) on the front of the Media Center.
  • Page 18: Other Functions

    Use_cases_English.qxd 20-10-2005 16:51 Pagina 18 Other functions Online Spotlight In Windows ® XP Media Center’s Online Spotlight new ways of using your Media Center are presented. Online Spotlight links to the Media Center Web site for the latest links to online media and information services. Note: To be able to use Online Spotlight, make sure that an Internet connection is established for your Media Center.
  • Page 19: Sync To Device - Media Content For Portable Devices

    4 Select Video Settings to select the available picture enhancement features: Trimension is the picture quality improvement software installed on your Philips Media Center. By selecting Picture Quality Demo under More Programs you can start a demo on which you can see the difference in quality of images with and without Trimension processing.
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    Use_cases_English.qxd 20-10-2005 16:51 Scheduled TV program recording (Timer recording) does not work. Scheduled TV program recording (Timer recording) from the set-top box does not work. Pagina 20 Troubleshooting Scheduled TV program recording (timer recording) from standby is only possible if the Media Center has been placed in standby mode using the remote control.
  • Page 21: Information For The Consumer

    Use_cases_English.qxd 20-10-2005 16:51 Pagina 21 Information to the Consumer Disposal of your old product Your product is designed and manufactured with high quality materials and components, which can be recycled and reused. When this crossed-out wheeled bin symbol is attached to a product it means the product is covered by the European Directive 2002/96/EC.
  • Page 22 Use_cases_English.qxd 20-10-2005 16:51 Pagina 22...
  • Page 23 Use_cases_English.qxd 20-10-2005 16:51 Pagina 23...
  • Page 24 20-10-2005 16:51 Pagina 24 Specifications are subject to change without notice. Trademarks are the property of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. or their respective owners. 2005 © Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved. 3122 475 00 003 Printed in Hungary...

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