Philips CEM3100/00 User Manual

Philips CEM3100/00 User Manual

Philips carstudio car audio system cem3100 for ipod & iphone usb cd
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  • Page 1 Register your product and get support at User manual ES-AR Manual del usuario PT-BR Manual do Usuário ZH-TW ZH-CN CEM3100...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Important Safety Notice Your car audio system Introduction What’s in the box Overview of the main unit Overview of the remote control Get started Install the car audio Install remote control battery Turn on Select country/region Set clock Listen to radio Tune to a radio station Store radio stations in memory Tune to a preset station...
  • Page 3: Important

    1 Important Safety ‡ Read and understand all instructions before you use your apparatus. If damage is FDXVHG E\ IDLOXUH WR IROORZ LQVWUXFWLRQV WKH warranty does not apply. ‡ This apparatus is designed for negative ground (earth) 12 V DC operation only. ‡...
  • Page 4 SDFNDJLQJ PDWHULDOV H[KDXVWHG EDWWHULHV DQG ROG equipment. $Q\ FKDQJHV RU PRGLÀFDWLRQV PDGH WR WKLV device that are not expressly approved by Philips Consumer Lifestyle may void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. 2011 © Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved.
  • Page 5: Your Car Audio System

  • Page 6: Overview Of The Main Unit

    Overview of the main unit a SOURCE ‡ Select audio source. ‡ Display LCD color. b MENU ‡ Access system menu. ‡ Return to previous menu. ‡ Access music search in iPod/iPhone mode. ‡ Turn the unit on or off. ‡...
  • Page 7: Overview Of The Remote Control

    ‡ Eject disc. ‡ USB socket. h MP3 LINK ‡ Connect external audio device. ‡ Turn on or off Maximizing volume. ‡ View clock. j DBB ‡ Turn on or off Dynamic Bass Boost (DBB) sound. ‡ Access to tuner auto store. ‡...
  • Page 8: Get Started

    These instructions are for a typical installation. +RZHYHU LI \RXU FDU KDV GLIIHUHQW UHTXLUHPHQWV make the corresponding adjustment. If you have DQ\ TXHVWLRQV UHJDUGLQJ LQVWDOODWLRQ NLWV FRQVXOW your Philips car audio dealer. Caution ‡ This unit is designed for negative ground (earth) 12 V DC operation only.
  • Page 9: Mount Into The Dashboard

    Green/black strip Left speaker (Rear) White/black strip Left speaker (Front) Gray/black strip Right speaker (Front) Purple/black strip Right speaker (Rear) Ignition key +12V DC when ON/ACC Blue Motor/electric antenna relay control lead Blue/white $PSOLÀHU UHOD\ FRQWURO lead Black Ground Yellow To the +12V car battery which is energized at all times...
  • Page 10 Remove the mounting sleeve with the supplied disassembly tools. Install the sleeve into the dashboard and EHQG WKH WDEV RXWZDUG WR À[ WKH VOHHYH Note ‡ ,I WKH XQLW LV QRW À[HG E\ VOHHYH EXW E\ WKH VXSSOLHG VFUHZV VNLS WKLV VWHS Place the supplied rubber cushion over the end of the mounting bolt.
  • Page 11: Install Remote Control Battery

    Reconnect the negative terminal of the car battery. Attach the front panel Attach the trim plate. Insert the right side of the panel in the chassis until it is correctly engaged. Press the left side of the panel until the mechanism locks it into place.
  • Page 12: Set Clock

    Rotate to select an option: ‡ [USA] (United States) ‡ [LATIN] (Latin America) ‡ [EUROPE] (Western Europe) ‡ [RUS] (Russia) ‡ [M-EAST] (Middle East) ‡ [ASIA] $VLD 3DFLÀF ‡ [JAP] (Japan) ‡ [AUST] (Australia) Press WR FRQÀUP Set clock Press MENU repeatedly until current time LV ÁDVKHG Rotate to set hour.
  • Page 13: Store Radio Stations In Memory

    Select tuner sensitivity To receive more radio stations or only stations ZLWK VWURQJ VLJQDO \RX FDQ DGMXVW WKH WXQHU sensitivity. Press MENU repeatedly until [LOCAL] is displayed. Rotate to select a setting: ‡ [LOCAL ON] (local on): Only stations with strong signal can be broadcast.
  • Page 14: Select Alternate Frequencies

    Item Program type Description NEWS News services AFFAIRS Politics and current affairs INFO Special information programs SPORT Sports EDUCATE Education and advanced training DRAMA Radio plays and literature CULTURE &XOWXUH UHOLJLRQ DQG society SCIENCE Science VARIED Entertainment programs POP M Pop music ROCK M Rock music...
  • Page 15: Set Rds Clock

    Note ‡ If the current received TA signal remains weak for RYHU  VHFRQGV WKH XQLW ZLOO DFWLYDWH 7$ 6HHN PRGH automatically. The TA Seek will seek for other station with good condition of TA signal. ‡ :KHQ D WUDIÀF DQQRXQFHPHQW FXWV LQ XVHU FDQ VKRUW press WR WHUPLQDWH WKH WUDIÀF DQQRXQFHPHQW DQG WKH unit will resume to previous playback mode.
  • Page 16: Play From Usb

    Play from USB Note ‡ Ensure that the USB device contains playable music. Insert the USB device Slide the USB socket cover marked the left. Insert the USB device into the USB socket. » The unit starts playing from the USB device automatically.
  • Page 17: Play Options

    Control music playback on iPod/ iPhone Ensure that the iPod/iPhone is connected correctly. Press SOURCE to select iPod USB mode. Press repeatedly to toggle between the two control modes: ‡ iPod control mode: Use the buttons/ touch screen on iPod/iPhone to control the music.
  • Page 18: Connect External Sound Source

    Repeat play 'XULQJ SOD\ SUHVV REP. » [REPEAT] is displayed. Rotate to select a setting. ‡ [REPEAT TRK] (repeat one track): play current track repeatedly. ‡ [REPEAT FLD] (repeat a folder): play all tracks in the current folder repeatedly. ‡ [REPEAT ALL] (repeat all tracks): play all tracks repeatedly.
  • Page 19: Select Preset Equalizer

    [CLASSIC] (classic) ‡ [JAZZ] (jazz) Switch music listening zone Philips’ innovative Zone technology enables driver or passengers to enjoy music with the best speakers balance and experience more vivid spacial effect as the artist is intended to create. You can switch the music listening zone from driver to passengers for the best speaker sound settings in car.
  • Page 20: Adjust System Settings

    8 Adjust system settings Turn beep sound on/off (DFK WLPH \RX SUHVV D EXWWRQ WKH XQLW EHHSV You can turn off/on this beep sound. Press MENU. Press repeatedly until [BEEP] is displayed. Rotate to select a setting: ‡ [BEEP ON]: Turn on the beep sound. ‡...
  • Page 21: Rear Aux

    Rear Aux Press MENU. Press repeatedly until [TEL MUTE] is displayed. Rotate to select a setting: ‡ [NORMAL]  0XWH WKH WHOHSKRQH [MUTE] is displayed. ‡ [REAR AUX]  0XWH WKH WHOHSKRQH [PHONE IN] is displayed. Note ‡ 7R VXSSRUW WHOHSKRQH FDOO ZLWK WKLV XQLW FRQQHFW TEL MUTING wire to your hands-free kit and audio out jack to the REAR AUX in jack of the unit.
  • Page 22: 14 9 Additional Information

    Replace the fuse. Note ‡ ,I WKH QHZ IXVH JHWV GDPDJHG DJDLQ WKHUH PD\ EH DQ internal malfunction. Consult your Philips dealer. Remove the unit You can remove the unit from the dashboard. Detach the front panel. Pull out the unit by using the disassembly...
  • Page 23: Product Information

    10 Product information Note ‡ Product information is subject to change without prior notice. Power supply  9 '&  9   9  negative ground Fuse 15 A Suitable speaker impedance 4 - 8 Maximum power output 50 W x 4 channels Continuous power 24 W x 4 RMS output...
  • Page 24: Troubleshooting

    11 Troubleshooting Caution ‡ Never remove the casing of this apparatus. 7R NHHS WKH ZDUUDQW\ YDOLG QHYHU WU\ WR UHSDLU the system yourself. If you encounter problems when using this DSSDUDWXV FKHFN WKH IROORZLQJ SRLQWV EHIRUH requesting service. If the problem remains XQVROYHG JR WR WKH 3KLOLSV ZHE VLWH ZZZ SKLOLSVFRPVXSSRUW  :KHQ \RX FRQWDFW 3KLOLSV ensure that your apparatus is nearby and the...
  • Page 25: Glossary

    12 Glossary $ ÀOH IRUPDW ZLWK D VRXQG GDWD FRPSUHVVLRQ system. MP3 is the abbreviation of Motion Picture Experts Group 1 (or MPEG-1) Audio /D\HU  :LWK WKH 03 IRUPDW RQH &'5 RU CD-RW can contain about 10 times more data than a regular CD.
  • Page 26 ZH-CN...
  • Page 27 © 2011 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved. ECM3100_IFU_00_V2.0...

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