Philips CAM101BL/12 User Manual

Philips CAM101BL/12 User Manual

Philips hd camcorder cam101bl


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  • Page 1 Register your product and get support at CAM101 EN User manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1 Important Safety Notice 2 Your camcorder Introduction What’s in the box Functional overview 3 Get started Load the Micro SD card Turn on Set the date and time (for first-time users only) Select a menu display language Charge the built-in battery 4 Use your camcorder Record video Take pictures...
  • Page 3: Important

    Any changes or modifications made to this device that are not expressly approved by Philips Consumer Lifestyle may void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.
  • Page 4: Notice

    Notice This product complies with the radio interference requirements of the European Community. Your product is designed and manufactured with high quality materials and components, which can be recycled and reused. When this crossed-out wheeled bin symbol is attached to a product it means that the product is covered by the European Directive 2002/96/EC.
  • Page 5: Your Camcorder

    2 Your camcorder Introduction With this portable camcorder, you can: • take full HD (1080P) or VGA movies • take pictures • play recorded movies or pictures either directly or on the large screen of a connected TV • upload the recorded movies or pictures to the Internet directly What’s in the box Make sure that the following items are packed...
  • Page 6: Functional Overview

    Functional overview a Built-in speaker b Display panel c +/- • In viewfinder mode, zoom in/out. • Navigate up/down in a menu. • Change a value in the settings menu. • During video play, change the volume. • Perform the specific function as shown on the display panel.
  • Page 7: Get Started

    • In play mode, switch to viewfinder mode. • In viewfinder mode, switch to play mode. • In play mode, play a selected video clip. • Confirm settings. f MICRO SD • Connect a Micro SD card. • Navigate left/right in a menu. •...
  • Page 8: Set The Date And Time (For First-Time Users Only)

    • To save energy, the camcorder turns off automatically after being idle for 3 minutes. Set the date and time (for first-time users only) When you turn on the camcorder for the first time, a menu for date and time setting appears. Press to highlight [Yes].
  • Page 9: Use Your Camcorder

    4 Use your camcorder Record video Switch the mode switch button to . » The selected resolution and remaining recording time appear on the display panel. Hold the camcorder steadily and aim the lens as needed. Press the shutter button to start recording.
  • Page 10: Adjust Settings

    Adjust settings In viewfinder mode, press . » A settings menu appears. Press / to highlight an option. Press / to select a setting. Press to confirm the setting and return to viewfinder mode. Description [Scene] Select an automatic exposure mode that matches your shot for easy shooting.
  • Page 11: Install And Use The Camcorder Software

    Install and use the camcorder software With the software (ArcSoft MediaImpression HD Edition) available in the internal memory of the camcorder, you can import, edit, archive or upload your pictures/videos to the Internet easily. Note • The software supplied only works on PCs that operate Microsoft ®...
  • Page 12: Technical Specifications

    6 Technical specifications Product information is subject to change without prior notice. Image sensor 1/3.2” 5MP CMOS sensor Operation modes Movie record, picture record Lens (focusing) Fixed Focus mode Fixed Focus range 0.6m to Infinity Aperture F2.0 Digital zoom Exposure control Auto Exposure -2.0~2.0EV compensation...
  • Page 13 How do I charge the camcorder? • You can charge the camcorder via the USB pop-out connector. When you connect it to your PC/laptop it will automatically charge. You can also plug the camcorder via the pop-out USB into a USB charger. How long do I have to charge the camcorder? •...
  • Page 14 resolution, in terms of the number of horizontal lines onscreen. “p” stands for progressive scan, or the sequential appearance of the lines in each frame. HD 720p gives video quality that is superior to that found in typical mobile phones and digital cameras.
  • Page 15 © 2011 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved. CAM101_12_UM_V1.0...

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