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  • Page 1 All manuals and user guides at Register your product and get support at CAM102B EN User manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    All manuals and user guides at Contents 1 Important Safety Notice 2 Your camcorder Introduction What’s in the box Functional overview 3 Get started Load the Micro SD card Turn on First-time setup Charge the built-in battery 4 Use your camcorder Record video Take pictures Play...
  • Page 3: Important

    $Q\ FKDQJHV RU PRGLÀFDWLRQV PDGH WR WKLV and human health. device that are not expressly approved by Always bring your product to a professional to Philips Consumer Lifestyle may void the user’s remove the built-in battery. authority to operate the equipment.
  • Page 4 All manuals and user guides at
  • Page 5: Your Camcorder

    All manuals and user guides at 2 Your camcorder Introduction With this portable camcorder, you can: ‡ take full HD (1080P) or VGA movies ‡ take pictures ‡ play recorded movies or pictures either directly or on the large screen of a connected TV ‡...
  • Page 6: Functional Overview

    All manuals and user guides at Functional overview a Built-in speaker ‡ During video play, change the volume. ‡ 3HUIRUP WKH VSHFLÀF IXQFWLRQ DV b Display panel shown on the display panel. c +/- d Shutter button ‡ ,Q YLHZÀQGHU PRGH ]RRP LQRXW ‡...
  • Page 7 All manuals and user guides at ‡ ,Q YLHZÀQGHU PRGH VZLWFK WR SOD\ mode. ‡ In play mode, play a selected video clip. ‡ &RQÀUP VHWWLQJV f MICRO SD ‡ Connect a Micro SD card. ‡ Navigate left/right in a menu. ‡...
  • Page 8: Get Started

    All manuals and user guides at 3 Get started ‡ To save energy, the camcorder turns off automatically after being idle for 3 minutes. Load the Micro SD card First-time setup :KHQ \RX WXUQ RQ WKH FDPFRUGHU IRU WKH ÀUVW time, a menu for OSD language selection is displayed.
  • Page 9: Charge The Built-In Battery

    All manuals and user guides at You can also charge the camcorder via a USB Select a special effect adaptor (not supplied) connected to mains ,Q YLHZÀQGHU PRGH SUHVV to enter the power. The charge time is about 2 hours. window for scene selection.
  • Page 10: Use Your Camcorder

    All manuals and user guides at 4 Use your Play camcorder ,Q YLHZÀQGHU PRGH SUHVV to enter play mode. » The last recorded video clip is played Record video automatically. Press to select a picture or video clip Switch the mode switch button to for play.
  • Page 11: Adjust Settings

    All manuals and user guides at Settings menu Description Adjust settings option [Time] Set the time. ,Q YLHZÀQGHU PRGH SUHVV . [Language] Select your desired menu » A settings menu is displayed. language. Press +/- to highlight an option. [Format SD Clear contents from the micro card]...
  • Page 12: Use More Of Your Camcorder

    Connect the camcorder to a PC (see ‘Get started’ > ‘Charge the built-in battery’). If the software does not install DXWRPDWLFDOO\ ÀQG DQG FOLFN WKH Setup icon at My Computer\CAM102B. )ROORZ WKH RQVFUHHQ LQVWUXFWLRQV WR ÀQLVK installation of the software. Install and use the camcorder...
  • Page 13 » It may take some time for the PC/Mac WR UHFRJQL]H WKH FDPFRUGHU Find your video/pictures at My Computer\CAM102B\DCIM\100MEDIA or My Computer\CAM102B SD\ DCIM\100MEDIA. Copy any video/pictures you want to your designated folder in the PC/Mac. ‡ <RX FDQ DOVR LPSRUW WKH YLGHRSLFWXUH ÀOHV ZLWK WKH...
  • Page 14: 7Hfkqlfdo Vshflàfdwlrqv

    All manuals and user guides at 6 Technical $XGLR ÀOH IRUPDW Battery 700mAh Li-ion (built-in) specifications PC interface Mini USB 2.0 port System support Windows XP/Vista/ Windows 7, Mac (mass storage only ) Product information is subject to change TV out NTSC/PAL selectable, Mini without prior notice.
  • Page 15: Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

    > ‘Transfer video/pictures charge the battery? WR D 3&0DF·  7KHQ GHOHWH ÀOHV IURP \RXU CAM102B can be charged via regular USB camcorder or clear the memory. adaptors, which are readily available in electronic stores. CAM102B is also compatible How much memory is needed for 1 hour of with iPhone adaptors.
  • Page 16 (called the host from this point on), superb HD picture quality. and it will play the pictures that are stored What does pre-record mean that is in the on the CAM102B. To play the videos from setting? the CAM102B, it depends if your host ‡...
  • Page 17 All manuals and user guides at ‡ Don’t move too fast when panning LH PRYLQJ WKH FDPHUD KRUL]RQWDOO\ as it will be hard to follow what is captured when you review the video ‡ Try shooting from different angles –...
  • Page 18 All manuals and user guides at © 2011 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved. CAM102B_12_UM_V1.0...

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