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Prepare The Dryer; Level Dryer; Install Vent System - Whirlpool L0412123 Installation Instructions Manual

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Prepare the dryer
C. Level dryer
If installing washer and dryer, install
dryer first.
Install vent system
Put on safety glasses and gloves.
Install exhaust hood.
Use caulking
compound to seal
exterior wall opening
around exhaust hood.
Connect exhaust vent
to hood. (Exhaust vent MUST fit inside
hood.) Secure vent to hood with 4-inch
Run exhaust vent to dryer location.
Use the straightest path possible.
Avoid 90 ° turns. Use clamps to seal all
joints. Tin snips may be needed to cut
vent to required length.
Excessive Weight Hazard
Use two or more people to move and
install dryer.
Failure to do so could result in back
or other injury.
Remove tape from
dryer cabinet.
Open dryer door
and remove tape
from dryer drum.
(Not all dryer
drums are taped.)
Remove drying
rack, if included. Turn dryer drum
to make sure all tape
was removed. Wipe drum with damp
cloth to remove any dust.
Dryer must be level to reduce noise
and assure proper performance.
Slide dryer onto cardboard or
hardboard before moving across
floor to prevent floor damage.
Move dryer close to its permanent
location. Leave enough room to
connect exhaust vent. Remove
cardboard or hardboard from under
Check levelness of dryer by placing a
level on top of dryer, first side to side,
then front to back. If dryer is not level,
adjust dryer legs up or down.
If legs are not long enough to level
dryer, order Extended Dryer Feet Kit,
Part No. 279810 (sold two legs per
kit), from your dealer.
Take two cardboard corners from dryer
carton and place them on floor in back
of dryer. Firmly grasp body of dryer
and gently lay it on its back on the
cardboard corners.
Start to screw legs into holes by hand.
Use an adjustable wrench or 1" hex-
head socket wrench to finish turning
legs until you reach the ridge with the
diamond marking.
Stand dryer up on cardboard or



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