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Troubleshooting Guide - Whirlpool AWM 5500 Manual

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The appliance will not start, no lamp lights
Check whether:
• the appliance is plugged in;
• the wall socket is functioning correctly
(use a table lamp or similar).
• ON/OFF button pressed.
• the water tap is open. If not, open the tap and
switch the appliance first off, then on.
• the appliance door is properly closed
(child safety);
• a programme has been selected and the
programme is started;
The appliance stops during the programme.
Check whether:
• the "Rinse Hold" button is pushed, terminate
this option by pressing the button again;
• "On/Off" button has accidentally been pressed;
press "On/Off" button again.
No water or insufficient water supply.
Check whether:
• the tap is turned on completetly;
• kinks are present in water hose;
• the water hose filter is blocked;
• the water hose is frozen up;
N.B: Afterwards switch the appliance off, then on.
Waste water not pumped out.
Check whether:
• the drain hose is correctly installed
(see "Installation Instructions");
• the filter is blocked.
• the drain hose is frozen up.
• the "Rinse hold" button is pressed.
Detergent and additive product residues in
dispenser at end of wash.
Check whether:
• the siphon is correctly installed and clean
(see "Care and Maintenance");
• enough water is being supplied. The mesh filters
between the inlet hose and the tap could be
clogged (see "Care and Maintenance"). Check
and clean the filter two or three times a year
(see "Removing the filter").
Also see "Detergent and Additives" for information.
The appliance vibrates during the spin
Check whether:
• the appliance is levelled and solidly installed on
all four feet (see "Installation Instructions");
• the transit bolts have been removed. The transit
bolts must be removed before the appliance can
be used (see "Installation Instructions").
Water Stop fault (depending on model)
When the appliance detects a water leakage the
pump runs continuously.
Switch off the appliance, unplug it and make sure
that the water tap is closed.
The "Water Stop" may have been triggered by:
1.too much foam;
2.leakage in the inlet hose or in the appliance.
Tilt the appliance forwards carefully to allow the
collected water to flow out from the bottom of the
appliance. Then:
1.connect the appliance to the electrical outlet, the tap,
3.reselect the desidered programme and press the
"On/Off" button.
Important: if the fault occurs again, call After-
Sales Service with details about the fault (see
"After-Sales Service").
Final spin results are poor:
The appliance has an imbalance detection and
correction system. If individual heavy articles are
loaded (bathmat, bathrobe, etc.) this system may
reduce the spin speed automatically to protect the
appliance or even interrupt the spin cycle
altogether, if the imbalance is too great even after
several spin starts.
• if the laundry is still too wet at the end of the
cycle, add smaller articles of laundry to balance
the load and repeat the spin cycle.
• excessive foam formation may prevent spinning.
Ensure correct amount of detergent is used
Important: this machine is fitted with a safety
system. The programme is interrupted after a few
minutes if one of the following happens:
• no water supply;
• pump blocked.
• If the pump is blocked, switch off the appliance
and clean the pump (see "Removing the filter").
Then re-start the appliance.

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