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Purpose; General Requirements, Warnings & Limitations - Honeywell MILLER ManHandler 8442SS/65FT User Instruction Manual

Man-rated hoist/work winch
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Thank You
Thank you for your purchase of Miller Fall Protection equipment. Miller brand products are
Protection equipment will provide you with years of use, when cared for properly.
structions. Failure to do so may result in serious injury or death. Do not use
this equipment unless you are properly trained.
It is crucial that the authorized person/user of this fall protection equipment read and under-
stand these instructions. In addition, it is the employer's responsibility to ensure that all users
equipment. Fall protection training should be an integral part of a comprehensive safety program.
Proper use of fall arrest systems can save lives and reduce the potential of serious injuries from
a fall. The user must be aware that forces experienced during the arrest of a fall or prolonged
suspension may cause bodily injury. Consult a physician if there is any question about the
user's ability to use this product. Pregnant women and minors must not use this product.

1.0 Purpose

The Miller ManHandler Man-Rated Hoist/Work Winch is a manually operated hoist/winch designed
for a range of applications including:
Except when used as an emergency rescue device,
independent fall protection must be used in conjunction with this unit
to raise, lower, position or suspend personnel.
2.0 General Requirements,
Warnings & Limitations
All warnings and instructions shall be provided
to authorized persons/users.
All authorized persons/users must reference
the regulations governing occupational safety
as applicable ANSI or CSA standards. Please
refer to product labeling for information on
standards met by this product.
All authorized persons/users of this equip-
Us er In str uc tio n s - E ng l i s h
Proper precautions should always be taken to
remove any obstructions, debris, material, or
other recognized hazards from the work area
that could cause injuries or interfere with the
operation of the system.
All equipment must be inspected before each
use according to the manufacturer's instructions.
All equipment should be inspected by a
This unit must be removed from service if any
part of the system appears to be damaged or
does not pass inspection.