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Asus RT-N16 Manual

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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    2.2 Procedure ◊ 2.2.1 Troubleshooting ◊ 2.2.2 Notes about ♦ 2.3 Notes • 3 Upgrading DD-WRT ♦ 3.1 Restore to Asus Firmware 3.2 Recovery Mode ♦ ♦ 3.3 De-Brick Methods • 4 Known Issues, Bugs, and Workarounds ♦ 4.1 NVRAM K2.6 Limitation ◊...
  • Page 2: Hardware Specifications

    Asus_RT-N16 The ASUS RT-N16 is a single band (2.4 GHz) N300 Gigabit Router with 128MB RAM and 32MB Flash ROM. Note that SFE accelerated NAT (K3X build 33006+) is required to achieve high WAN speeds with an IPv4 SPI firewall. For speed tests without SFE, see Performance.
  • Page 3: Install Dd-Wrt From Factory Firmware

    Asus_RT-N16 This shows the main board for the Asus RT N16 along with the location for the JTAG headers. Install DD-WRT from Factory Firmware Please note: Details of the DD-WRT firmware build variations are found here. More current build information can be found in the Peacock announcement thread. See Where do I download firmware? for links.
  • Page 4: Procedure

    Flashing the INITIAL Firmware to the router (the one where the file name ends in .trx) Set the router in "Recover mode" (same as other Asus routers) With this router pull power, hold the reset button in then plug in power and look for the slow blink of the power light.
  • Page 5: Troubleshooting

    15962, 17990, & 18000 are Recommended Builds which would require this workaround • Special thanks to Eko for making the initial work on getting the RT-N16 to work with DD-WRT! Upgrading DD-WRT If DD-WRT is already loaded on your router, you can flash firmware using these steps Download firmware from one of the sites listed: Where do I download firmware ♦...
  • Page 6: Restore To Asus Firmware

    Some people have reported that the reset button DOES work like the other ASUS routers to get it into recover mode. GUI Factory Reset before and after every flash to make sure you don't have any nvram problems or conflicts.
  • Page 7: Known Issues, Bugs, And Workarounds

    • Hardware fix (capacitor) for RT-N16 wireless drop-outs [6] • UPNP is currently not working for the RT-N16, so for now leave the feature disabled unless you want a full CPU Load. FIXED with SVN Changeset #13527 • Access Restriction with MAC-Filter doesn't work on Asus RT-N16. FIXED Ticket #1319 (as of 12/18/09) •...
  • Page 8: Performance

    Asus_RT-N16 #!/bin/bash rm /opt/tmp/nvramshow nvram show >> /opt/tmp/nvramshow while read -r line; do val=${line#*=} var=${line%*=} if [[ "$val" == "" ]]; then nvram unset $var i=`expr $i + 1` if [[ $i == 50 ]]; then sleep 2 done < /opt/tmp/nvramshow exit 0 Simpler version: Instead of outputting to a file to check if each var is empty, use grep to find empty vars: 1.
  • Page 9: Overclocking

    • again • Links • Original forum support thread (100 pages) was condensed into a new support thread for the RT-N16. • Upgrading the power supply adapter for higher current (amperage) • RT-N16 @ techinfodepot Reviews •...