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Management - Acer X1525C User Manual

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High Altitude
Choose "On" to turn on High Altitude mode. Operate the fans at
full speed continuously to allow for proper high altitude cooling of
the projector.
Audio Settings
Power On/Off
Select this function to adjust the notification volume when turning
the projector on/off.
Lamp Settings
Lamp Information
Displays the lamp's elapsed operating time (in hours).
Displays the percentage of the remaining lamp life.
Lamp Hour Reset
Press the "ENTER" button and choose "Yes" to turn the lamp hour
counter to 0 hours.
ECO Mode
Choose "On" to dim the projector lamp which will lower power
consumption, extend the lamp life and reduce noise. Choose "Off"
to return normal mode.
Security Settings
Change Password
To set or change password please follow up OSD on-screen steps.
<Note> If you forget the password, contact your local reseller or
service center to decode the number.
Change Security
Choose to enter the password next time you turn on the projector.
You will be asked to enter the current password before setting
"On" or "Off".
Test Pattern
Choose "On" to enable the function and the projector displays the
test pattern.
to decrease the volume.
to increase the volume.
Lamp Timer
Lamp Life
Power On Lock

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