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Philips 19PR16C Directions For Use Manual

19" mono color tv w/remote control.
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Table of Contents

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   Summary of Contents for Philips 19PR16C

  • Page 1 • Hookups, • First Time Setup, and • Feature Operation. Do not attempt to return this product to the store. For fast help, call us first! 1-800-531-0039 Thank you for making Philips a part of your home! 3121 235 20031...
  • Page 2: Welcome/registration Of Your Tv

    And we’ll do everything in our power to keep you happy with your purchase for many years to come. As a member of the PHILIPS “family,” you’re entitled to protection by one of the most comprehensive warranties and outstanding service networks in the industry.
  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read before operating equipment Read these instructions. Keep these instructions. Heed all warnings. Follow all instructions. Do not use this apparatus near water. Clean only with a dry cloth. Do not block any of the ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    This is normal and does not require you contact- ing your dealer or requesting service. are all registered trademarks of Philips Consumer Electronics Company. Auto Lock™, Auto Picture™, Auto Sound™ Copyright © 2001 All rights reserved.
  • Page 5: Basic Cable Tv Connection

    OOKING our Cable TV input into your home may be a single (75 ohm) cable, or a Converter Box installa- tion. In either case the connection to the TV is very easy. Just put the threaded end of the cable signal to the TV's antenna plug and screw it down finger tight.
  • Page 6: Basic Antenna Connection

    “Program" or "Add" channels in the TV’s memory on page 12 (Auto Program section). To order any optional accessory contact your dealer or the Philips Parts Center at 1-800-851-8885. Combination VHF/UHF Antenna (Outdoor or Indoor)
  • Page 7: Basic Vcr To Television Connection

    OOKING he basic Antenna, or Cable TV, to VCR to TV connection is shown to the right. For more infor- mation on other hookups (possible when Cable Converter/Descrambler boxes are included) refer to your accessory VCR and Cable Converter Owner's Manual for details.
  • Page 8: Basic Television Operation

    ELEVISION Press the POWER button to turn the TV ON. Note: You can also press any button on the front of the TV to turn the TV ON. Press the VOLUME + button to increase the sound level, or the VOL- UME –...
  • Page 9: Description Of Remote Control Buttons

    ESCRIPTION OF QUADRA SURF Buttons - (Red, Green, Yellow, Blue) Allows you to store and surf up to 10 channels you choose for each colored button. AV Button - Press to select an accesso- ry signal input from the front AV Inputs.
  • Page 10: How To Use The Language Control

    or our Spanish speaking TV owners an on-screen LANGUAGE option is present. With the LANGUAGE control you can set the TV’s on-screen menu to be shown in either English or Spanish. Press the MENU button on the remote to show the on-screen menu. Press the CURSOR UP DOWN buttons to scroll through...
  • Page 11: How To Use The Tuner Mode Control

    OW TO he TUNER MODE control allows you to change the TV’s signal input to either ANTENNA, CABLE or AUTO mode. It’s important for the TV to know what type of signal to look for. (From a Cable TV signal or a normal Antenna signal.) In the AUTO mode, when the AUTO PROGRAM feature is activated, the TV will automatically choose the...
  • Page 12: How To Auto Program Tv Channels

    OW TO our TV can automatically set itself for local area (or Cable TV) chan- nels. This makes it easy for you to select only the TV stations in your area when the CHANNEL (+), (–) buttons are pressed. Note: Make sure the antenna or cable signal connection has been completed before AUTO PROGRAM is activated.
  • Page 13: How To Add Or Delete Channels

    OW TO hannel Edit makes it easy for you to ADD or DELETE channels from the list of channels stored in the TV’s memory. Press the MENU button on the remote to show the on-screen menu. Press the CURSOR UP DOWN buttons to scroll through the on-screen menu until the word...
  • Page 14: How To Use The Picture Adjustment Controls

    OW TO o adjust your TV picture controls, select a channel and follow the steps shown below: Press the MENU button on the remote to display the on-screen menu. Press the CURSOR UP DOWN buttons until the word PIC- TURE is highlighted. Press the CURSOR RIGHT button to display the PICTURE menu features.
  • Page 15: How To Use The Dnr (digital Noise Reduction) Control

    OW TO SE THE or reasons such as poor cable recep- tion, the picture can sometimes appear slightly “speckled” (or has signal noise shown in the picture). The DNR (Dynamic Noise Reduction) control can help eliminate this type of interference and improve the quality of the picture.
  • Page 16: How To Use The Contrast + (black Stretch) Control

    OW TO SE THE he Contrast + (Black Stretch) con- trol helps to “sharpen” the picture quality. The black portions of the pic- ture become richer in darkness and the whites become brighter. Press the MENU button on the remote to display the on-screen menu. Press the CURSOR UP or CUR- SOR DOWN...
  • Page 17: How To Set The Treble Boost Control

    OW TO ET THE esides the normal volume level con- trol, your TV also has Bass and Treble Boost sound controls. The TRE- BLE Boost effects only the high fre- quency sound coming from the TV enhancing the highs; while the BASS Boost effects only the low frequency sound coming from the TV enhancing the lows.
  • Page 18: Sound Menu

    OW TO SE THE n most cases, the volume levels com- ing from broadcast programming or commercials are never the same. With the AVL (Audio Volume Leveler) control turned ON, you can have the TV level out sound that is being heard. This makes for a more consistent sound by reducing the peaks and valleys that occur during program changes or com-...
  • Page 19: Using The Timer Controls

    OW TO THE he Timer controls allow you to use your TV as an alarm clock if set to turn itself on and off at a specific time. It also can be set to tune to a specific channel at a specific time. Press the CLOCK button on the remote to display the Timer on-screen menu.
  • Page 20: Understanding The Autolock Controls

    NDERSTANDING THE he AutoLock feature is an inte- grated circuit that receives and processes data sent by broadcast- ers, or other program providers, that contain program content advi- sories. When programmed by the viewer, a TV with AutoLock can respond to the content advisories and block program content that may be found objectionable (such as offensive language, violence,...
  • Page 21: Setting Up The Autolock Access Code

    ETTING UP THE ver the next few pages you’ll learn how to block channels and get a better understanding of the rating terms for certain programming. First, let’s start by learning how to set a personal access code: Press the MENU button on the remote to display the on-screen menu.
  • Page 22: How To Block Channels

    fter your personal access code has been set (see previous page), you are now ready to select the channels you want to block out or censor. Press the NUMBERED (or CH +, –) buttons to tune the channel you wish to block or censor. Press the MENU button on the remote to show the on-screen menu.
  • Page 23: How To Clear All Blocked Channels At The Same Time

    OW TO LEAR fter blocking specific channels there may come a time when you want to clear all the channels so they can be viewed. The following steps explain how to CLEAR ALL blocked channels. Press the MENU button on the remote to show the on-screen menu.
  • Page 24: How To Block All Channels At The Same Time

    OW TO here may come a time when you want to Block All the television’s channels. Maybe you don’t want your children to watch TV for a given time. With the Block All control, ALL avail- able channels (including the A/V Inputs) can be set to block at the same time.
  • Page 25: Blocking Programming Based On Movie Ratings

    LOCKING ROGRAMMING here are two types of program rat- ings within the AutoLock feature. One is based on the Movie Industry rat- ings while the other is based on the TV Industry ratings. Both can be used to block or censor programming that has been rated in either manner.
  • Page 26: Blockingprogramming Based On Tv Ratings

    LOCKING his portion of the AutoLock features cover program ratings based on the TV Industry rating system. This is known as TV Ratings within AutoLock. After selecting the Autolock feature and entering your personal access code, the AutoLock options screen appears; Scroll the menu using the CUR- SOR UP or DOWN...
  • Page 27: Other Autolock Blocking Options

    SING THE utoLock offers the viewer other blocking features as well. With these Blocking Options, the censoring can be turned ON or OFF. Press the MENU button on the remote to show the on-screen menu. Press the CURSOR UP DOWN button until the word FEATURES is highlighted.
  • Page 28: How To Use The Closed Captioning Control

    OW TO losed Captioning (CC) allows you to read the voice content of televi- sion programs on the TV screen. Designed to help the hearing impaired, this feature uses on-screen “text boxes” to show dialogue and conversations while the TV program is in progress. Press the CC button on the remote to display the current Closed Caption set- ting.
  • Page 29: Setting Up The Sleeptimer Option

    ETTING ave you ever fallen asleep in front of the TV only to have it wake you up at two in the morning with a test pattern screeching in your ears? Well, your TV can save you all that trouble by automatically turning itself off.
  • Page 30: Setting The Auto Picture Control

    ETTING THE hether you’re watching a movie or a sporting event, your TV has automatic video control settings matched for your current program source or content. The Auto Picture fea- ture quickly resets your TV’s video con- trols for a number of different types of programs and viewing conditions you may have in your home.
  • Page 31: Setting The Auto Sound Control

    ETTING THE OUND ONTROL he Auto Sound feature allows the listener to select between four dif- ferent factory set sound options. Personal (which can be set by the user), Theatre (for movie viewing), Music (for musical type programming) and Voice (when the program is mainly dialogue).
  • Page 32 “list” or series of previously viewed channels can be selected with the Quadra SURF (colored) but- tons on your remote control. With this feature you can easily switch between different TV programs that currently interest you. The Quadra Surf control allows you set up four different person- al Surf lists using the colored buttons (on the remote control), each holding...
  • Page 33 SING THE he Quadra Surf buttons on your remote control allow you to store up to 10 channels per button (40 total). This is a great feature if you want to store all your favorite Sports channels, Movie channels, or News channels in one surf list.
  • Page 34: Troubleshooting Tips

    lease make these simple checks before calling for service. These tips can save you time and money since charges for TV installation and adjustment of customer controls are not cov- ered under your warranty. No Power No Picture No Sound Unusual Screen Coloring Remote Does Not...
  • Page 35: Glossary Of Terms

    LOSSARY TO Auto Picture Booster • A control that will automatically ampli- fy “weak video signals” to a point where they are acceptable for viewing. Auto Programming • The procedure of adding or deleting channel numbers into the Television’s memory circuits. In this way the Television “remembers’’...
  • Page 36: Index

    Alternate Channel ....... . .32 Antenna TV Connection ......6 Auto Lock Features Access Code .
  • Page 37: Factory Service Location

    Indicates In-Home/Carry-In Service NOTE: If you reside in one of our Philips Factory Service Branch areas (see directory on back), you can contact the nearest Service Branch to obtain efficient and expedient repair for your product. If your product is In-Warranty, you should have proof-of-purchase to ensure No Charge Service. For Out-of-Warranty service, call the location nearest you.
  • Page 39: Notes

  • Page 40: Limited Warranty

    Philips Consumer Electronics Company. In coun- tries where Philips Consumer Electronics Company does not distrib- ute the product, the local Philips service organization will attempt to provide service (although there may be a delay if the appropriate spare parts and technical manual(s) are not readily available).

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